Taylor Swift is a Diva Bitch Supreme, Whether You Realize It or Not

Rumor has it that America?s currently anointed Princess of pop?er? country, Taylor Swift, showed up at a wedding to which she might not have been invited. I?m confused as to why I?m supposed to be surprised because:
A. The only thing that makes this wedding relevant is Swift?s presence– despite Kathie Lee Gifford?s best attempt to thrust herself into the forefront?so there was really nothing to ?crash? in the first place. It was more of a favor.
B. Swift has always been a diva bitch supreme, so why should I be shocked that she acts the part?

Honestly, I?m more shocked that people still are holding onto their contrived ?damsel in distress? persona of Swift that they can?t see that her for what she really is?an awesomely vindictive bitch who will put anyone on blast for so much as breathing in her direction, and then laugh about it all the way back to the bank.

She is not, and has never been, the pixie of a person everyone pegs her to be, which is the very reason why I don?t loathe her very existence. You don?t believe me? Let?s review, shall we?

The Aforementioned Wedding


Now we can?t say for sure whether she had any clue if she were invited or not– primarily because you can?t expect a rock star to understand the complexities of RSVPS as those dealings are better left to the mignons?but either way, it?s obvious Swift figured her presence would be the most selfless and extravagant gift for whomever she graced with her presence.

What? You didn?t register for a Taylor Swift autograph signing for your wedding? Welp, blushing bride, it?s your lucky day because Taylor has come to steal all the superfluous attention from you and make your guests much happier than they ever would have been otherwise. I?ll give you an appropriate address to send your thank you note later.

People are trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, saying she didn?t know she was crashing a wedding, but I think after being asked to leave once (and definitely after being asked twice) she?d have gotten a clue if she were really the annoyingly proper princess everyone believes her to be.

The thing is that Swift knew full well what she was doing and just didn?t give a fuck. Why should she? She writes her own damn songs, and if you don?t watch out, she?ll write one about you. She?s unapologetic about what she does, but ruthless about whatever is done to her.

What did this no-name girl do? Get married? Please, Swift is a celebrity. She?s going to do that a few times. Long hurr, Diva don?t curr.

The Kanye Incident

Taylor Swift Kanye West VMA
Kanye West?s so perfectly hilarious, outright dismissal of Taylor Swift?s deservingness of the MTV award for female music video of the year (I?ll give you a moment to let the gravity of such an award soak in for a moment?) is probably the linchpin of the majority of misleading assumptions that Swift needs to be treated like a China doll in the first place.

In what is now an infamous pop culture snippet in time, Swift was made a victim and subsequently became everyone?s responsibility to have and hold from that moment on. However, this never needed to be the case.

While her ever-so-perfectly crimped hair and pubescent boy-like body have been the foundation of the terribly dull and helpless persona everyone keeps thrusting on her, I think Swift has just continued to play along, because when else will you be credited with being mature for just sitting there while someone makes an asshole of themselves? When I sit there and say nothing, I get called incompetent. Think about it.

Swift won the award– knowing Beyonce should have taken it?and just laughed as the entire oversight was made her 10 times bigger because of West?s temper tantrum. He effectively shut up the critics for her. She probably laughed over it that very night while counting out the brush strokes in her hair and dreaming up new ways to add sparkle into her wardrobe.

The Lyrical Genius

taylor swift with guitar
Swift?s calling card is the complex songs about romantic relationships, or so people like to say.

You know, though, that Swift actually doesn?t care. No, this girl is a man-eater, uses them up, and spits them out, pushing out a song on the back end, which serves to cover her bases: 1. Paying her bills, and 2. Not having to answer to the tabloids.

I have no idea what could possibly be complex about dating someone like John Mayer, other than thinking of all the ways to say he is a vagina. Or maybe whichever Jonas brother it was, which would require a slight tweak, instead thinking of all the ways to say he wouldn?t touch her vagina.

I don?t think she?s ever touched on anything ground breaking lyrically, though I?m happy everyone is very impressed she can put together sentences. And by looking at her lyrics, you can tell she could care less. See Exhibit A:

Someday I’ll be living in a big ol’ city
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean
Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

So, he?s mean, and she lives in a city aaannnnddd?it?s big? Ugh, how will I ever understand what she?s trying to say? It?s like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle of a snow storm.

If you?re trying to tell me she even tried writing those lyrics, you should go ahead and punch yourself in the face before the computer does it for you.

I know Swift just laughs; she has to. She laughs to herself to sleep at night how she gets away with playing the public the way she does. She could write a story about what she ate for lunch and people would eat it up (see what I did there?)

So in reality, Taylor Swift isn?t all that deplorable of a personality that one might naturally assume. People might project different characteristics about her, but don?t get it twisted: Swift thinks the public is just as dumb as you do for loving the pathetic priss version of her, only she isn?t dumb enough to miss out on the gravy train that it provides.


  1. Lucy says

    This is what her song mean was all about, critics who have nothing better to do than slag her off. Okay maybe she does write songs about people, everybody knows that, and if you date her that’s kind of what you sign up for- that doesn’t make her a bitch. Neither does being offended that somebody stole her limelight at the VMAs. And really there is no proof that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. But anyway it doesn’t really matter what you say, at the end of the day Taylor Swift is still beautiful, an amazing singer, and successful. She’ll still be a superstar, even if you call her a bitch.

  2. CRAP!!!!! says

    Um wow this is the worst piece of crap I have ever read. To assum something about somebody that you don’t even know?? By the way you don’t know that much about Taylor. A lot of your so called facts that you write about are not true you ding bat!

  3. ew. says

    This is the worst article I’ve ever read.
    You’re calling Taylor all these things for a couple mistakes she did while leaving out the HUNDREDS of great things she’s done for people.
    This article is biased, and probably made from a person jealous of Taylor’s success.

  4. Zoella says

    You’re disgusting, you know! Taylor Swift has more money and is more successful than you’ll ever be! She has millions and millions of fans and what are you, a stupid drop out writing from your mother’s basement? Her songs help people all around the world, she has won more Grammys than anyone her age. Next time you wanna compare yourself to Miss incredibly, beautiful, lovely, enchanting, TALENTED, kind, genuine, and down to earth Taylor Swift, make sure you compare successes and bank accounts first!

  5. freedom velez says

    Taylor Swift is just incredible the way she just emerged as rockstar or a diva she’s one of a kind that is one reason,actually.bye taylor swift.

  6. Tasneem says

    Wow a constructive review of her music would have been understandable but a 1000 word essay attacking her character and even adding in a critique of her body (see: “pubescent boy-like body”) is really sad. I’m sorry no one loves you.

  7. Kaitlyn says

    Clearly, you have no idea or background information of any sort, or know the definition of loathe, which by the way means to hate. You’re trying to use big words to make yourself sound intelligent when in reality you have no background information at all and are just lashing out because you are jealous and you finally think that you have your chance of “sabotage” by this one mistake you’re trying to take advantage of it. If you knew anything about her music you would know that her song, Mean, isn’t about Joe Jonas or any relationship she has had for that matter. It’s about people like YOU who try and try to put her down. Please stop bashing her and wasting your time blogging when you could be outside in the world trying to accomplish HALF of the things she has. Yours truly, a friend

  8. Amanda says

    You are an attention seeking person, only reason u wrote this article. Congratulations on now having millions of people hate you, YOU dumb “diva bitch.”

  9. BD says

    You are so stupid cool. Absolutely horrible article, it just shows your lame ass excuses to degrade someone who has never done a thing to you. Grow up.

  10. Mario Bevia says

    I think that you are not in good faith; the song entitled “Mean” represents for her, whom was not so popular at all when she was young at school, a revenge on life, as the images of her video show it. Thus understood, this song is explained. She tryna find a place in this world.

  11. Courteney says

    Two words. Nobody. Cares. You are nothing and your words mean nothing so stop spending your life on writing patheticly long stories on how you’re jealous of Taylor’s success. Give it up.

  12. You're awesome says

    Wow. Do you really have nothing to do other than hate on somebody you don’t even know? Stop being so negatively obsessed with Taylor’s life and get one of your own.

  13. Rory says

    LOL! People need to stop defending this entitled poor little rich girl. You just told it like it is. I’m her age and from the Nashville area, I know about her and girls like her. Biggest bitches in private, twirl their blonde hair and act all innocent in public.

  14. Sommer says

    Listen, I don’t know why all of these girls are so butthurt. You’re dead on. I don’t know how people don’t see right through her bullshit. Don’t worry, there are a few of us that have your back.

  15. Sarah says

    Just because someone has more money doesn’t mean that he/she is automatically a better person. Your logic has more holes than a sinking ship. You can be filthy rich and a friggin diva ya know?! So many examples of rich celebrities who are horrible people so cut the crap with the money argument dumbass

  16. ILoveTayTaySwift says

    As Taylor would say
    All you are is mean
    And a liar
    And pathetic
    And alone in life
    And mean

  17. Lailah says

    This article is just trash. Not because you’re bashing Taylor but because you’re attacking someone you’ve never even met. For what? You don’t even know the whole story. I think the low dirty shots at Taylor describe you as a person. Somebody really fulfilled in life wouldn’t have to stoop this low. It’s just really mean. You are right about one thing. Because of critics (low life jerks) like yourself, she continues to out do herself. Winning Grammy’s for telling off you people. She continues to be an inspiration to young girls, sell millions, win every award imaginable, help the needy, and just be a great girl. Who’s really winning here?

  18. Kayla says

    I think Taylor Swift should really take a break from the high life. And maybe the dating life and take a chance to grow up. She was really young when she started (16, 17?) and now she’s 22, and she is still singing the same old tune about ex-boyfriends. Has she had a stable romantic relationship with any guy, famous or not? Stable meaning more than a few months.

    She has made her musical career on bashing ex boyfriends and her exes’ new girlfriends. And not confirming or denying to the media about who the songs are about, but leaving clues in her album notes “for fans” like some kind of treasure hunt… Some things are better kept private, but if you want to share your experience with the world, please do it with more class.

    I really disagree about her being a role model for young girls.
    I also agree with the previous comment from Rory.

  19. bruce says

    Having watched her since 18, and discovered her career back to 14 I can only say this earticle is just one of a million trying to make money off one of the only true geniuses this culture has produced. Taylor is a power and a force in the world who is so damn good the smarmy elitist third-rate ‘critics’ can’t stand it. Let her play, she’s fought her way to the top since being a contract singer/songwriter at 14. Taylor wins the world, and I for one am glad as he’ll she was born into it.

  20. Emily says

    You don’t know her. You haven’t met her, even I haven’t met her but there’s imagining what someone’s actually like behind huge camera and then there’s just absolutely crazy ideas that you just form to get attention because you’re a lonely pathetic hater that feels the need to put others down in order to put a smile on your own face.
    Mean is the song she wrote about people exactly like you, and yet you still fail to see how unnecessary posts like yours are just pathetic.
    Also, the Kanye incident…she didn’t laugh it off like you thought. She cried. It’s not the sort of thing anyone could just shrug off, she spent over a year finding the rights words to put into Innocent. Even the she managed to forgive him, something more mature than anybody expected.
    Even if you don’t like her which is fine, respect that other people that fucking do.
    If I had a daughter I couodnt imagine a better role model for her.

  21. Joe says

    i can just imagine Taylor laughing hysterically while reading your meltdown.

    Taylor is just over petty little people like you. She may be playing her part to some extent but when this playing leads to multimillion dollars donated to charity i say go girl. Don`t be mad that she is smarter than you and made it in life.

  22. Elsa says

    Well this is just bullshit. You should probably reconsider your priorities if you waste your time like this. And honestly, if you don’t understand the lyrics to Mean you’re just dumb as fuck – which you are anyway, wasting your time making up filthy little lies about someone you’re simply jealous of, even if it’s not consciously. Stop lying to yourself, grow up and do something with your life worth remembering. Taylor Swift is better than you are in every way possible.

  23. Me. says

    Ok; whoever wrote this pathetic article needs to get their facts straight. So… about the “wedding crashing”- nobody blames Conor for it, he was the one who ignored Victoria Gifford, and Taylor probably didn’t know she wasn’t invited.
    Now onto the Kanye incident- It was entirely his fault, for being a stupid drunk, and yet idiots like whoever wrote this article blame Taylor. And she wrote a song FORGIVING HIM. IS THAT BITCHY? NO, SO PLEASE SHUT YOUR MOUTH.
    And, you blame her for having good songwriting skills. Please, hater. Taylor Swift is a great talented person, your argument is invalid. You SERIOUSLY need to 1. get a frickin life, and stop writing hate to celebrities who will never see this. 2. Try and get as famous as her, that’ll be sooo easy (note the sarcasm). and 3. Listen to “Mean”, so you can see what you sound like right now. Toodles.

  24. Liz says

    I love this article! You are right on. You forgot to mention that she sings like a cat in heat. Ohh she is a Hollywood closet whore :) Kennedy curse is coming to get you swift!

  25. Nicole says

    Let’s see. She crashed a wedding and refused to leave after being asked twice. If that’s not a DIVA bitch, I don’t know what that is. I know all of yall Tay Tay fans love her to bits but she acts like a diva, don’t get all upset when someone writes an article and calls her out on it. Shheeeesh.

  26. Louise says

    Omg, you’re so jealous of her. Taylor has been my inspiration for 6 years and not once have i seen a bad side of her! She’s beautiful on the inside and out, and i envy how perfect she is! The Kanye thing that you said shocked me. Taylor WON that award because FANS like me VOTED FOR HER TO WIN it. Not stuffing Beyonce. Kanye was just jealous of Taylor as he knew he would never even be nominated for an award and was just seeking attention like you. Also, whoever agrees with this PATHETIC waste of space (aka, you) also need to re-evaluate the song ‘Mean’ and realise that it is in fact about you. And anyway, what was this article supposed to acheive? Is your summer that boring that you have to slag off amazing superstars like Taylor? You’re just jealous that you’ll never be as good as her and you’re probably one of the boys (or girl) that Taylor wrote a song about and can’t accept the truth. Now go run along back to your barbie dolls and leave Taylor and us alone.

  27. Kayla says

    Hmmm…..I do agree with what Joe is saying in his above comment…..

    “People might project different characteristics about her, but don

  28. EilisB says

    I think Kanye West must have grabbed the keyboard out of the hands of Emily Nerland and written this article, lol. Seriously, it reads like some sort of vitriolic screed by someone who has a huge problem with envy. Envy is ugly on you, Emily. Incredibly ugly.

  29. dave says

    Hecklerspray is back. The people are enraged and venting their fury. All is right with the world. Welcome back people, welcome back. This isn’t journalism. It is a cultural study. It is a statement of proportions most profound. This is a science, a philosophical voyage, a treatise on psychology. Science my friends; and we are the subjects. And the scientists. What is real? What isn’t? Am I real? Do I feel or do you make me feel? If no-one reads this comment does it still exist? What’s this here? Now it’s over there! Puff!! It’s gone!! Science.

    Oh and taylor swift is hot as hell so fuck you.

  30. Kayla says

    LOL @ what dave wrote.
    “Do I feel or do you make me feel?”
    I shall be keeping this tab open in my browser for entertainment value.

  31. paul says

    I agree, however i DO completely loathe her and all her ilk. I grow tired of all these morons around me who champion mediocrity they way they do from jersey shore to bieber. I have lived through 3 musical revolutions and i am eagerly awaiting the next because what exists now is so devoid of any sort of reality or depth that it boggles the mind. This is the 1st generation I’ve seen that has absolutely no concept of true beauty and applauds those without talent or substance. Politically correct is the last thing anyone should be seeking in music. And Swift is no exception, meanwhile critics and fans alike pass her rantings off as prose. I don’t weep for the future, I pity it!

  32. Steve says

    Seems that all the Swift fans are ripping their hair out at the notion that someone is attacking the little pop star.

    Well, for those who say that this article author isn’t famous, check this. I typed “Taylor Swift is a Bitch” into google.com — and this is the first item to pop up!

    That has to be some level of fame.

    And as for writing quality, the article is written with a helluva lot more competence than most of the replies.

    AND! For god’s sake people, Beautiful? You’re going to give Taylor Swift beautiful when women like Natalie Portman are romping around Hollywood??? Taylor Swift is “I’d fuck that” mixed with 50 lbs. of make-up!

    Thank God we can all live in an age where strangers can tell each other to go fuck themselves with safety and security.

  33. OMG says

    As demonstrated herein, I’m now convinced, as if there was any shadow of any doubt, that her fans are as intolerable as she is.

  34. Sophi says

    Taylor Swift is so child-like, i dont know how can anyone fancy her, except for 14 yo kids. Please people if you think she is the greatest thing right know look for more out there, there is awesome music, dont act like justin beiber fans, well maybe you are. If you are a kid is ok if you like this type of music, I guess, but come on she is already 22 yo (right?) and still writing about silly love stories, and that you call impressing.
    I enojoyed this article.

  35. Jack says

    Why would any guy date here she is not that good locking and she will make up a song about a faw you have and make money off all the dumbasses below.

  36. I Drink Your Milkshake says

    Congrats Zoella, your immature and misguided rantings about success and money just reinforced the author’s main argument…Success and wealth does not automatically make you a better person!!!

    Unless you mean financial donations from her sizable estate, how the hell can you claim that Swift’s songs “help people all over the world”? I would think that her adolescent whining and puddle-deep lyrics cause quite a few people abroad to roll their eyes and make her a honorary figurehead of the “Ugly American” Mount Rushmore!!!

    I guess though for you, since you can’t defend Swift on moral grounds, money is the only measure of a person’s worth. Maybe you are the pathetic troll living in a basement, not the author.

  37. Scott says

    I know how much $$ she has (based on internet sources) and can safely say I’ve got more. She’ll dissapear in a few years once people realize how shallow her talent really is.

    The point is money doesn’t always equate to success and your insistence that it does demonstrates your lack of understanding.

  38. Kat says

    FINALLY. Someone who shares the same opinion as me. I mean honestly, the only thing she writes about is how all the guys she dates are twats. Either A. She has a truly awful taste in men, or B. Perhaps there is a reason none of them wanted to stay together with her? And all of the comments below written by blind, Taylor-worshipping naivetes just prove the point of how she has truly brainwashed them all.

  39. Kat says

    OMG, with your level of “high thinking”, I’m surprised you didn’t bring out the racist card and outright call Kanye a “nigger”. Oh, and ouch. Your comments really sting. I’m sure the author really took it to heart.

  40. Gwen Carson says

    Love this article! I can’t believe this twit has all the awards she does. Just shows where the music industry is lacking in taste. Pure bubblegum, geez! As far as being a bitch, anyone who’d want to sue someone for singing thier songs in karaoke, qualifies. Crap, should be thrilled anyone would want to sing along with that drivel. Oh, hats off to Kanye West, at least he had the balls to speak the truth!

  41. Anonymous says

    I’m not even a fan of Taylor Swift and this article pisses me off. In fact, this article could be about anyone and I’d get pissed off. The reason is because you have no evidence or facts to back yourself up at all. You can’t even provide specific facts about this wedding. The only incident you’ve referred to in detail is the Kanye West incident which of course everybody knows about. Unless you know Taylor Swift personally, all you are really doing in this article is making assumptions about this person based off of things you’ve probably heard from secondary sources. Didn’t you go to high school? The first thing I learnt about writing essays is that I could argue anything I wanted as long as I provided legitimate, relevant evidence.

    Sure, Taylor Swift could be a bitch, and she could not be either. Neither of us will know for sure until we get to know her personally. So, stop being a diva bitch supreme, will you?

  42. Supermoon says

    HA-HA. I love how people get so butthurt when they are telling the truth. I never liked that girl. Because of the whole deal with joe jonas, I mean, yeah he’s a jerk, but she made such a big deal about it, she’s always playing the victim, and she totally uses those boys she dates. Like the singer from Owl City. You can say all you want, but she wrote him a song and left him hanging. And he replied saying he was IN LOVE with her. but nope. I’m going to date John Mayer now, honey. And write ”Dear John” she doesn’t know what privacy means, and she’s not only hurting her own image, but she’s hurting other people’s reputation, and no matter how much they hurt you that’s not mature at all. But to her fans she’s this untouchable person, no, you dare say something, say she has a flaw, oh no! you are a horrible person. That girl is no angel, and I believe everyone should see her just the way she is. Everyone is like ”ooohh she’s beautiful and talented” Well, many people are beautiful and talented. but that is not enough, you have to be mature too, if you want to be in this business. But her immaturity gets her more $$ than most of us will ever see. Maybe she does go for charity, but then again, many celebs do, mostly to promote themselves. She’s no different. No, I don’t know her, but it’s pretty easy to see right through her.
    Swift fans, YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH IT. No, not even the people we admire are perfect.

  43. meowmeow says

    miley gets called a slut when she only dates liam for 4 years. taylor’s still called a princess when she gets different dicks every year

  44. Alice says

    I agree with you 100%. This is so true.
    I cannot wait ’til the day we can all say “Taylor who?”
    Because honestly that’s more than she deserves.

  45. Kimberly says

    All those things that you just said about Taylor were just mean and hateful.. Why don’t you do something better with your time than trying to be mean. Even if you were a Swiftie, you wouldn’t be a faithful one. You don’t even know her, so you shouldn’t judge her.

  46. Luce says

    You’re insulting someone by telling him to go and play with his barbies! hahaha you’re just a crying obssesed fan! And , Honey , nobody is perfect.

  47. alisha says

    you guys are so rude.
    i LOVE taylor and i think she’s amazing. she’s not a b!ch at all. she’s just an ordinary amazing person that inspires all the people that CAN be inspired. if you hate her or dislike her it’s your own LOSS. but your missing out. she is a truly amazing lady , so beautiful and has an amazing personality. and you guyss can get lost. YOU TAYLOR HATERS! im a no.#1 FAN. LOVE YOU TAYLOR :****

  48. alisha says

    your clearly a HATER. spot on! i’d like to see you try singing. yeah keep blabbing coz you knw she’s the ONE. HATER. no babe, the truth is your a hater that has nothing better to do than hate on amazing taylor. you haters just make her famous.

  49. alisha says


  50. alisha says

    OMG. i totally agree with you. they use these LIKE BIG WORDS RIGHT ?? it;s like what the hell are you doing ?? it’s her relationships i mean her buisness. what’s it got to do with them?? coz they knw that they cant get even 1 BOYFRIEND. huh, typical haters. i knw right! it’s like theyr’e making a PLAN to put her down or something. such b!ches they are.

  51. One says

    If I had lots of money, I would throw a couple of million dollars here and there to make myself look better too…

  52. nona says

    this article is ten thousand percent accurate and anyone who tries to defend her is obviously a twelve year old girl who can’t find self esteem anywhere else besides her crappy lyrics and who can’t think for themselves on what music to listen to because taylor swift could record a cover of twinkle twinkle little star and they’d still buy it off itunes

  53. slimlj says

    I am still trying to figure out why she is famous. What happened to people with GOOD voices. I am sorry to say, but taylor swift can’t sing for crap. Any of you swiftties ever heard her sing live? She yells in the mic on high notes and its obnoxious! She is very pretty, but she is not sweet or innocent. She is probably the problem with most of her relationships… if she was sweet and innocent she wouldn’t have so many songs dissing the guys she’s been with. Unless she’s really easy then its just her own fault.

  54. Melissa says

    Taylor may dress in cute clothes, have nice hair, and bat her eyelashes, but that’s all she has going for her. Her songs are perhaps the most hollow and boring songs I’ve ever heard. I liked her at first with Teardrops on My Guitar, but the more I watched her, the more I realized how phony, immature and self-obsessed she is. I loved this article, and thought it was spot on. All you fans of Taylor, will never see our/other people’s point of view, because you are so obsessed with her, and the image she portrays. Her exes that have tried to contact her afterward (she openly laughs at this), have done what they thought to be mature and confidential. They didn’t go to any tabloids and bash her, or reveal any dirty secrets. They acted maturely. And what does Taylor do? She acts like an immature 8 year old child, and throws a tantrum. It’s common knowledge that when one throws a tantrum or complains loud enough, that they will receive attention. And that is exactly what society and the media has trained and taught her to do. I hope that one day soon, she starts to act like a mature woman.

  55. Melissa says


    That’s how your comment just read in my mind. And sorry honey, not everything comes down to being jealous or famous. Broaden your horizon, it may get you some where.

  56. Melissa says

    I once tried seeing things from Taylor’s point of view. But I couldn’t fit my head that far up my arse.

  57. Paulie says

    Ha! Bruce thinks Taylor Swift is a genius, that’s hilarious! Of course he’s entitled to that opinion, but it shows what the criteria is to be a genius now (boy have we devolved or what!) She’s a total media puppet just like pretty much every other popstar, and just because she co-writes some of her material, that doesn’t make her by-any-means special (or maybe it does in the fickle world of manufactured pop but not in the real music world). But her management have cornered a niche-market with her ‘pure country girl’ stance, much in the same way that the singer Pink has coiffeured her ‘anti-diva tough girl’ personality. Both artists’ ‘attitudes’ are merely nothing more than a ploy to sell themselves and their product. Slimlj asked what happened to people with good voices? Well, mainly Autotune! But I think MTV should also accept liability in it’s part in cheapening the music industry as a whole. But Taylor will keep selling because she not only caters for a pre-determined market, but more-so to her label & management, who have a great influence on how many times she is seen and heard. Not to mention her ‘well-timed’ tabloid appearances just keep her in the media spotlight, as well as providing (Bantha) fodder for her shallow lyrical endeavours. And admittedly, sites such as this one will actually keep perpetuating her success (when people stop talking about her it means people have stopped caring). Whether you like her or not is simply personal opinion, not fact. PS – A note to Louise : VMA or MTV or any of the awards shows you hold in high esteem are all pre-determined by the industry itself. Artists aren’t voted for by their peers and certainly not by their fan base! Just thought I’d set you straight, it’s not a popularity contest, it’s purely determined on major label pre-sales (that is what the chain retail stores order, not how many are bought by the end user – the public.)

  58. Chloe says

    You all say “you don’t know her! How do you know she’s a bitch!” Um, you guys don’t know her either, so how do you know that she’s not a bitch? Everyone here has an opinion. Mine? I agree. She has everyone believing she’s America’s Sweetheart, even though she’s really a over obsessive man-eater who dates 13 guys in two years (that is actually true, look it up) just so he can have an album track list! I mean, if it were a rare thing that Taylor has relationship problems, I wouldn’t care. Nobody would! But the fact that almost every song on her album is her whining about some guy she dated for two weeks! I just don’t like her! Like I said, everyone here has an opinion, and there’s mine. I’m not gonna hate on you if you absolutely love her. Have a problem with my opinion on her? Then why don’t you go write a song about it, just like she would.

  59. Kelly says

    Taylor Swift flirts. After publicly humiliating Harry Styles at the Brit Awards she was flirting with his black friend Jordan Stephen of Rizzle Kicks. After whoring with so many white men it

  60. Intelligence says

    Im sorry but it is a bit sad that a 12-year-old like me can see the stupidity of this whole article- no offence to the author but it is too biased and you can see the jealous feelings of the person just reading this. Look, I do not love Taylor Swift but she worked to get to where she is so write these hateful things but nobody is going to care anyway.

  61. Astrid says

    Sorry for saying this fans of Taylor but this article is gold. The person that wrote this have absolutely right. Beyonce deserved that award more than her . I know it was wrong of Kanye to say it out loud but the stupidest thing is that Taylor just stood there looking insulted and making such a drama of it. She’s not a ”Diva bitch” she is a Drama bitch. :) And all you people that say this article is a lie , you disgust me.

  62. R Kay says

    All I know, is that I love her music, and I think talent is subjective. I feel she is way more talented than beyonce and kanye west put together, but that’s just my personal perception. does there always have to be a common agreement ? why can’t everyone accept that she’s considered as the best thing since the invention of the wheel by some, and the worst thing to ever pop out of the US by others, and still have the attitude that “my belief is for me, it doesnt mean the other person is less correct or wrong to have a different opinion” ?

  63. Miss_Taylor_Hater says

    Wow Alisha…
    I will save myself the trouble of making a perfect paragraph of what you are and make a list of things you have a slight defeciency with. If you even know what that means, and of course I’ll use simple words so your simple little mind can understand what simple things I am saying. And gasp gasp! I am suuuch a hypocrite, writing a paragraph when I PROMISED not to! Gasp! Oh, you naive little girl. Anyway:
    1. You have horrible grammar. Period.
    2. Who cares if “they” use big words?
    3. So, you decide to diss girls on the Internet about not having a boyfriend, when you are obviously boyfriend-less, and have no life, so you decide to search up some Taylor hating article, just to comment about how bitchy everyone is about hating your-omg, fave arrrritsytttt!!1!!1!1 omgomgomgomgomg!!!! Blahblah
    4. No offense Swifties, but you shouldn’t be on a hate site if you don’t want to see hate.
    5. Hate=jealousy, is a silly quote for some annoying, bullied girl who-sigh, so sad, can’t speak up like the weak person she is, which is probably why she’s getting bullied in the first place. I just don’t see how Taylor Swift is helping, oh I don’t know, society, the world, the universe etc. with helping weak people to gain fans. Obviously, they are too weak to do much anyway. Society could just massacre those instead, kill them, and leave the stronger ones, who can hate, unlike you Alisha.
    6. Do you know Taylor’s address? It’ll be useful when I give it to someone, who will go burn her house.
    7. Yes Taylor’s relationships are her business, that she SINGS TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!
    So honestly, you’re just some ten-year-old who has no brain whatsoever, and it is surprising how you talk. Or can you? And if you are not ten, than, step it up, cause you sure sound ten. If you are older, I expect you to come up with a better response, even if you do have to exploit you mother for this, which would be silly. Correction; ridiculous. Taylor Swift is a desperate for fame, annoying, un-talented piece of trash, and if you’re too blind to see that, living in your own little selfish world, then I’m not even going to bother changing you. This article is stupid, so are you. Congratulations Swift for your romantic achievements. No one cares.

  64. Mentally stable says

    I love and hate this article. I love it because it reminds me that some people still have a brain. I hate it because now I know there are little girls going around on the net blindly worship untalented pieces of garbage.

  65. JC says

    I disagree. Talent is objective while taste is subjective. Talent is recognized when you know the skill and innovation that it takes to achieve it. Swift, my friend is not as talented as Kanye and Beyonce. I, myself, do not like rap music, nor do I like dance pop. I do, however, know that Kanye’s lyrics and beats have stronger metaphores and imagery than anything I have seen Swift do. His beats are more diverse than her constant four cord progression in the key of G, which she has for all her songs. Beyonce voice is her talent. She have a better tonal quality and broader range than Swift who songs consist of one octive for a reason sweetie. So to make my point, talent is objective if you understand the fundamentals that is music.
    To make another point, the point of the article is to address her character by presenting less than favorable facts about her. She did crash a wedding. She does run her mouth in the press, and she does bash her exes. If someone else did that they would be villianized, but she isn’t. Why do you think that is so?

  66. The Wiser One says

    This is too funny. The article is my new bible. And the comments are my movies. :) I could just sit here eating popcorn all day seeing little Taylor swifts say they’re good because they follow the bitchy attitude the real Taylor swift provides, and the actually sensible people try to knock some sense into them with some of the most intellectual comments I’ve seen in a long time.

    God bless the Internet.

  67. nsr37 says

    ….This article is absolutely disgusting. Come on, people. Let’s act mature ourselves before calling Taylor immature. And for the record, her songs are extremely impactful- she doesn’t only sing about her relationships. In fact, the songs that are about getting through pain and staying strong literally saved my life when I was going through a really tough time. And so what if she’s had a lot of failed relationships? She’s only actually dated a few guys in the past few years (the other “relationships” were false rumors perpetuated by the media). Can’t everyone not speak trash about famous people on the Internet now? Because let’s be honest, if she were a normal girl, nobody would hate her this much. I say, if someone has worked as hard as they have to get to where she is, they deserve their fame! And Taylor’s sweet and down-to-earth and is most definitely a better person than the person who had the nerve to write this crap. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment. How would you feel if you were in her place? Songs are her way of relieving herself of her emotions- an outlet, so to speak. And the fact that they make her money? Just a bonus. I don’t see why anyone should receive hate for saying how they feel. The boys she has dated are jerks/players, so…

  68. samantha says

    she is always winey.go to youtube and type in taylor swift prordy it is ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo funny

  69. Kayleigh says

    I used to be a huge fan of Taylor’s, but after seeing her live in concert I am totally turned off by the way she acted. Instead of saying thank you to the people who bought tickets to see her, she bragged about how she had sold out the stadium. She smugly stated how well writing songs about her feelings was working out so well for her. I was appalled! After seeing her act so snobby, I would never go to another one of her concerts.
    This article definitely has some low blows, but on the whole the author’s right – Taylor Swift is kind of a bitch. No, I don’t know her personally, but I have seen her perform live and that is the way she came off, not just to me but to everyone else who I talked to who attended.

    I’m not trying to hate on her, and for a long time I loved her, but after seeing her acting so bitchy in concert I am completely annoyed and totally disappointed. Now I’m just an ex-fan who would never spend another dollar on her.

  70. Blair says

    I am not a Taylor Swift fan, but I am willing to concede to that point that she might not have had it easy (I don’t know her so I can’t say for sure). I would just like to say one thing, for those of you saying that it is wrong to bash someone you don’t know, why are you going and doing the EXACT same thing?

  71. Sara says

    Went to school with her actually. She’s pretty much a bitch. And I’m talking about before she was all famous. She never cared about anyone other than herself, and would use people to get what she wanted. But as far as men went – lots of guys described her as psycho. Like, the creepy ex-girlfriend stalker type.

  72. Meg says

    For a start maybe all the little girls that are calling this article ‘trash’ should just shut the fuck up. It’s an article talking about the bitch Taylor Swift is, woowww big deal. Clearly it’s the authors opinion with reasons to back it up, clearly you also have your opinions. However you don’t go round forcing your opinions down each others throats. This article hasn’t said anything about the fans who like her and about anything you are, so maybe you should stop calling the people who don’t like Taylor ‘pathetic’ ‘jealous’ ‘haters’ etc because you’re only being massive fucking hypocrites and using little girl words that make it obvious that you have no imagination to write a constructive argument backing Taylor up.

  73. You_people_are_just_totally _and_utterly_gross says

    For people like you the world is just an imperfect place with imperfect people… She is bad because she is good, she is bad because she IS bad… She donates money, because she wants to “show” people that she is good…. My question is- Have you ever met her? Do you have “any” idea what all has she done to get here?? For one think do “YOU” see her face in picture above? Where Mr.Kayne is spoiling her night?? She is a singer not an actress, JUST LOOK AT HER FACE… She is hurt… Would you like it if you dedicate your whole goddamn life to achieve something and then one person just “Announces” that you don’t deserve it??
    She was 14 when she started out, she is gonna turn 24 this year, what she has accomplished in 10 years is something you won’t be able to in thousands of your lifetime… but wait a minute, why am I comparing”YOU” with her?? Well for one thing she is pretty, talented, awesome,kind,experienced and the list goes on and on but you? Just know how to destroy a person’s struggle for a lifetime by writing a page of criticism… Her parents moved to Nashville from PA and made SACRIFICES in life with no guarantees for Taylor. But in your liberal world, that doesn’t work, so lets bash her. What do you think huh? only YOU and only YOU are sensible to see the truth? have you heard ” Majority wins” ?? but this time it isn’t about wining, It’s about your perception and that how cruel some people can be, and if you think she has a mask of a sweet, kind girl , then it must tattooed ’cause it NEVER falls… She dated 8 guys..!! she must be a slut know?? Right? that is your point of view, ours is that she is trying to figure out love, buy which she has always been enthralled… She write songs about her ex’s…!!! she is such dumb ass know? Right?? but again, that is your point of view, ours is that she writes about what she feels, you heard Mean because she is criticizing someone there, ( a girl from her school, and not a ex) did you Ronan? where she is crying about a kid who died from cancer? where she did not even knew the kid?? Did you heard The best day? where she is thanking her mom for staying there for her?? Did you heard Back to December?? where she is apologizing ?But you know what?? You are as stupid as a donkey and a liar, and pathetic and alone in life and mean…

    P.S- Worst article ever?? No… I thought it was good, you know why?? I laughed hysterically, thank you for making me laugh, DUMB-ASS…!!!

  74. You_people_are_just_totally _and_utterly_gross says

    1) You don’t have lots of money
    2) Even she doesn’t “have” lots of money, she”earned it”
    3) She has donated more than what she earns every year

    P.S- You are too stupid too see things

  75. You_people_are_just_totally _and_utterly_gross says

    “SHE” sings about what “she” feels okay?? just GO TO HELL


    The people here defending Taylor Swift are probably doing it because her lyrics SPEAK to you and you can IDENTIFY yourself with her. And that

  77. Dude? says

    You certainly sound like a teenage girl to me, *Bruce*. Are you sure you’re not a crony masquerading as some dude? I see right through you.

  78. Ava says

    Louise, I HOPE TO GOD YOU ARE A TROLL because I would never wish on someone to be that delusional over someone she’s never met. I can’t believe people waste their time to vote for someone that is totally bitchy and mean to their boyfriends but shames other girls who are bitchy to her. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH TS.

  79. taylorswift is the worst says

    I am with you. The woman is a waste of time, and doesn’t deserve attention. After she blew up at Fey and Poehler for being anti-feminist, I pretty much blacklisted her. She is one of those spoiled mean girls, it is pretty apparent from her public behavior.

  80. Kiss My Ass says

    I never liked Taylor Swift from the very beginning of her career. Her guitar is so basic. You only need to take it for a month or two and if you’re a quick learner you can play all the songs on all her albums. Her singing stinks. She wouldn’t even have made it in a church choir or a high school play if she didn’t have all that money. It’s autotuned out the ass. Her songs are immature. It’s always about either infatuation or someone who wronged her. Yeah, she switches it up every now and again, but 95% of the time her music is as deep as a kiddie pool. It never was, is not, and never will be country just because she sings in a fake hillbilly accent and has some twat badly strumming out-of-tune banjos in the background. I was raised on George Strait, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., Randy Travis, etc…Taylor Swift is as country as New York City. Besides, she’s from Pennsylvania. Yeah, you’re a real Southern belle, Tay.
    Honestly, I think the only reason Taylor is famous is because she’s rich and pretty. That flawless body, beautiful blonde hair, and gorgeous blue eyes along with her sparkly wardrobe and her princess persona lets her get away with everything. Can you imagine if Susan Boyle was as bitchy as she is?

    Yeah, Swifties and leave the usual butthurt comments. “Ur juss jeluz!!” “she has, like, so much money and so many awards, i bet u live in ur mom’s basement!” “haters make her famous!” “she gives to charity! she’s such a good person!” and, my personal favorite, “all ur ever gonna be is mean!” I’ll save you time and respond to them right now:
    1. “Ur juss jeluz!!” Yeah, you would know exactly what I’m thinking and feeling right now, seeing as how you’re such a close, personal friend of mine. And I would be SOOOOOOOO jealous of someone I think sucks.
    2. “she has, like, so much money and so many awards, i bet u live in ur mom’s basement!” Again, you would know where I live, seeing as how you are such a close, personal friend of mine. I have no way of disproving that I live in a basement but you have no way of proving it, but you can take my word for it that I do not live in a basement. And just because Swift has money doesn’t say anything about her. It says something about you. That you’re materialistic and measure someone’s worth by how much money they have. Same thing with the awards. Lots of talented people don’t have awards. Lots of untalented people do. Awards aren’t reflective of talent. They’re reflective of how much people like you. IMO, Taylor isn’t talented at all. But she is well liked.
    3. “she gives to charity! she’s such a good person!”
    So do I
    4. “All ur ever gonna be is mean!!!”
    Cute. Real cute.

    P.S Wanna know what all of Taylor’s failed relationships have in common?
    Hint: Sounds like “Taywhore Shit”

  81. Emerson says

    I hate to burst another bubble but I live in Nashville and there was a rumor going around that Taylor didn’t write her own songs. About a year ago I got a job working with the daughter of the woman who co-wrote with Taylor Swift on her first two albums. Liz Rose; check it out. She told me that her mom pretty much wrote the songs. I’m sure someone will reply “hearsay” but it’s the truth. Taylor swift is not the voice of this generation as much as she is the product of this generation engineered to sell and selling she has. I’ll give her that much.

  82. Taylor Swift's #1 Antifan says

    Really? Who are you calling stupid? You just said that “She has donated more than what she earns every year” That would mean that she gives away all of her money, and then some.

    PS You are too stupid to be thinking, let alone trying to put sentences together. But nice try.

  83. Taylor Swift's #1 Antifan says

    Wow Zoella! Great comments! Psychiatrists help people all over the world and take their money too! You are TOTALLY right! But here is a little fun fact for you: Taylor Swift doesn’t give two sh**ts about you! She doesn’t know that you exist and doesn’t care what your cat’s name is or what your major in college will be! But there you are, defending her like some bully just stole your little sister’s lunch money. But trust me, I am totally on your side! I will write you a little break-up poem to make you feel better and let you know where you can mail my check to. Thanks!

  84. Taylor Swift's #1 Antifan says

    Actually, I really enjoyed the article. I felt that it “spoke” to me. Kind of the way that Taylor Swift’s totally awesome lyrics (ie we are never ever getting back together) speak to you A-man-duh! And I really doubt that millions of people hate the author now. Isn’t it funny how people get all upset when someone has a dissenting opinion about something? That automatically means that we should hate them, right? You need a history lesson Hitler Jr.

  85. Taylor Swift's #1 Antifan says

    I would never want Taylor Swift to be my daughter’s role model. And you are a complete hypocrite. Have you ever met the author of this article? No…and yet here you are bashing her. You have really made a compelling point. For private school.

  86. What has this world come to? says

    Seriously, why do people have to go on the internet and just be so mean. I feel like society has created this outlet online, just for people to become hostile and let out all their frustrations. But that doesn’t help anyone. I just wish people weren’t so angry on the internet. It’s so annoying to always come online and see angry posts everywhere!!!! YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND EVERY OTHER WEBSITE!!!!! See I can use my shouting capitals also. But I’m not calling someone every name in the book, simply because we don’t agree on something. Take this article for example, did this guy really have to go through the trouble of dissing someone, solely because he thinks she is a diva. Ok where is your proof? Otherwise what’s the point of making up accusations. Honestly, I would want to know if I was being deceived, to believe someone was a certain kind of person and then to find out they were so completely different. Yes major let down. I am a fan of Taylor’s songs. Because I like the sound. Everyone is different and everyone likes different things. I am not biased because I like her music. I would greatly appreciate it if someone found real solidifying proof that she is a diva. I would then reevaluate how I view her as a person, role model and artist. I can’t say that I would still like her music, and that doesn’t make her music any less special now. It’s simply this. I can look at a person and say yes they are absolutely beautiful and then find out that they are a really nasty individual and reevaluate everything I had thought about them. That’s just life, we continue to move forward and reevaluate our surroundings. Wow. I just became so completely philosophical. At least that’s what I think that means. Sorry this is so long. And to everyone and anyone that took the time to read this. Have a very very nice day!

  87. Person says

    I just want to know something: Have you met her? And not on television screen, I mean person to person. And if you have,which I highly doubt, do you know her well enough to judge her?
    How do you know if she knew that she was crashing a wedding? If you look at it in her way, she was just trying to congratulate her friends. Is that so bad?
    And about the Kanye incident, maybe she didn’t deserve that. But Taylor Swift won, she didn’t cheat or anything, she won fairly. And Kanye should’ve respected that no matter what.
    The lyrics: perhaps you need somebody to translate them for you

    Someday I’ll be living in a big old city
    And all you’re ever gonna be is mean

    Living in a big old city means that she will be successful one day, and the all you’re ever gonna be is mean means that he/she will not change, and remain as the person who just picks on people smaller than him,
    The reason why people love her songs isn’t because she uses elaborate sentances and advanced vocabulary. It’s because they have meanings behind them, and a background story for each of them.

    One more thing I didn’t really catch: How does the fact that Taylor Swift crashed a wedding, watched Kanye West make a fool of himself, and her lyrics suck build up to the fact that she has a horrible personality and is a ‘diva bitch supreme’? Crashing a wedding can be considered thoughtless and attention-hungry, maybe. But that only makes her immature, not bitcy. And if she shouldn’t have just stood there and watched Kanye, what was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to try to take the mike away? Or call security? Also, the fact that her lyrics are bad only means that she isn’t stong in english. It doesn’t mean she has a bitchy personality.

    I think that 1. you have terrible logic and make waaaay too many assumptions, and 2. criticising her on her body was really immature and low, and 3. although she may or may not be a bitch, you shouldn’t write articles like this. It can really hurt a person.

  88. Kevin says

    Thank you all Taylor swift fans shut da fuck you realize what she does to people everybody has break ups and gets over it not her she has to write a song and ruin their lives

  89. Mattie says

    So true we’ve met her before and she was very rude and pissy to my niece , an eleven year old just for excitedly babbling about her love for Taylor. She claims to be real and sweet and sings young girl anthems about positivity and confidence YET she goes and gets several cosmetic procedures ( a classmate of mine snapped a pic of her entering her home in facial bandages all swelled up & had her phone broken by a bodygaurd shortly after) to try and make her rat face pretty, complete phony girl who is vain and conceited thanks for spreading the truth here

  90. Julie says

    I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift’s music but there are times when I think she takes on this “holier than thou” attitude. The way she calls out the people she dated is incredibly immature. I can’t say she’s a bitch but I can’t say she isn’t. Lately, all I’ve been seeing of her is a scorned woman and sometimes there is no point in dwelling on that. To each their own, I guess but how on earth is it her place to let everyone on the planet know just how shitty her ex-boyfriends are?

  91. Emily says

    Taylor is a total bitch my friend went to her concert and shes not the priestess girl in the world shes kinda bigger and unpopular but she when to a Swift concert cuz she always looked to her as a roll model and Taylor wouldn’t even talk to her because she was to busy talk to these preppy cheerleader girls Taylor does care about her fans if there skinny and pretty all she is, is that popular girl at school who only cares about her self and others that are popular

  92. Olert says

    And as usual, a slew of superfans will attack the person who speaks their mind about a celebrity. I especially love the stupid shit like “you’re just jealous.” Dude, if jealousy made you hate people, you wouldn’t like anyone who is rich or famous.

    Some people are just assholes, period. They don’t stop being assholes just because you are a fan, and the people who point out that they are assholes aren’t automatically jealous or some kind of loser.

    Finally, for those who attack the author for the whole “Taylor never did anything to you” crap, well, in truth Taylor and her ilk have done something to many people – and that is fool them into parting with their hard earned money. The Taylors and Avrils of the world are part of a corporate sales force that manufactures and packages marginally talented “pretty” girls and sells them to you. Taylor is rich and successful not because of serious hard work and perseverance, but because of marketing and production. You are all a bunch of fools who part with your money to subsidize her lavish lifestyle.

    That is what Taylor has done not so much to the author, but to YOU. The author is just smart enough to see it for what it is, and instead of thinking twice about what they have to say, you just attack them because it doesn’t fit in with your kool aid drinking narrative of what the ever so sweet Taylor Swift image is all about, so you reject it.

    Remember how upset you were when they told you that Santa Claus wasn’t real? Well neither are pop music icons. They are just a bunch of fake, manufactured assholes who rake in millions of dollars off of your failure to recognize a phony.