Demi Lovato Turns 21, Celebrates With Homemade Porn

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato turned the big 2-1 this week, and what tends to go hand-in-hand with the ability to drink??Embarrassing?photos of your hoo-hah, that’s what!

Around twenty dirty pics were apparently offered to Radar Online by an unnamed source – read ‘Wilmer Valderrama’ – who have opted not to publish them any of them despite the fact that as a gossip website, they are pretty much bound to humiliate celebrities in any way that they can. Demi’s lawyer must be the Khal Drogo of the courtroom. Before he became a drooling vegetable, that is.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published by Horny French Perverts

Kate Middleton Topless in Closer Magazine France

What is the media’s obsession with seeing members of the royal family in their birthday suits? It turns out that it’s not only Prince Harry that enjoys being carefree and clothesless in the world. Today, French magazine Closer has published photos of Kate Middleton topless.

“So what?” you’re thinking. Well, this is the wife of the third in line to the British throne, who is currently in the middle of a media tour of the far East. She’s also one of the most recognised faces in the world, and she’s linked to a family which is known for its reserve and gentility (but is always featured prominently in media outlets when they don’t behave quite so well – see Wales, Harry for a bunch of perfect examples).

Harry Styles Is (Probably) Naked On The Internet But Denies It

The most virile 17-year-old on the planet, One Direction’s Harry Styles has joined the long list of celebrities who have had naked photos of themselves ?leaked? to the press.

The alleged picture show a curly-haired youngster posing with his member hanging out the front of his pants in front of a mirror, his face obscured by a camera flash.

The shadowy figure appears to be wearing Harry?s trademark silver dog tags, and is devoid of body-hair; his body seemingly needing the keratin to add even more volume to his white-boy afro. Why not take a look after the jump?

Rihanna Sits On Toilet After Naked Photos Leaked Online

For quite some time we’ve suspected that underneath Rihanna’s clothes, she is completely naked.

We haven’t been able to prove it but we’ve been tossing and turning at night, well mainly tossing, deliberating over this issue and hoping one day we’d be in the position to shout from the rooftops of hecklerspray towers, ‘WE WERE RIGHT!!’

This is that day.

Rupert Grint’s Genitals Bravely Cast In New Film

hecklerspray spent its formative years living on a nude-ranch. It had its pros and cons. On the plus side the people were nice, the weather was warm, and in our later teen years we could still ring doorbells even when our hands were full.

On the down side, if you forgot to cover up while the shot-puttin’ paper boy road past you risked getting very tiny cuts in very sensitive places. Oh the memories. While we’re on the topic you should know it was in a nude-theatre that we first took in that Harry Potter film.

We should probably recommend that place to Rupert Grint, him apparently being a recently converted nudist and all.

Oh you read that right.

Jennifer Aniston Naked, Also For The Animals (A Bit)

Here’s some celebrity maths: Jennifer Aniston + family movie about an adorable dog = naked Jennifer Aniston.

It’s obvious! Jennifer Aniston is promoting a film that’s primarily aimed at children, so it’s obvious she’d end up naked on the front of GQ magazine. Really, this is just like when Jodie Foster got her bum out to promote Nim’s Island or when the entire cast of that Narnia film guest-edited that issue of Fat Filthy Knockers magazine.

But, of course, Jennifer Aniston isn’t just naked in GQ for her film – it’s also to show everyone that she’s happy. Happy! She’s happy, OK? HAPPY!

Khloe Kardashian Gets Her Naked Bum Out For The Animals

Khloe Kardashian would rather go naked than wear fur, but it’s important not to confuse Khloe Kardashian with her sister Kim.

Because, while Khloe Kardashian would rather go naked than wear fur, Kim Kardashian would rather go naked, set up a video camera, roll around on a bed and boff a man whose tongue looks like it’s being remotely-controlled by a man from The Henson Company than wear fur.

But still, nice try. Meanwhile, some dogs have just started an ‘I’d rather be bludgeoned to death for my fur inside an abandoned Chinese warehouse than see Khloe Kardashian’s arse again’ campaign. Unrelated, we’re sure.

Emma Watson Wants To Get Naked Really Jolly Soon

When Emma Watson made her first Harry Potter movie, she was just a helpless slip of a girl. But now? Now Emma Watson is a woman, with a woman’s body.

Yes, now she’s all grown up, Emma Watson is proud woman in possession of a full set of boobs and, if we hear correctly, a properly-functioning bottom. And she’d like nothing more than to show you.

Observing Daniel Radcliffe‘s critical acclaim after appearing nude in Equus, Emma Watson has decided that she’d quite like to get naked, too. But only if it’s artistic and integral to the plot. Or slapdash and gratuitous. She’s not really bothered.

Naked Adrienne Bailon, Disney Cheetah Girl, All Over Everywhere

It’s been forever since a young Disney star got naked on the internet, so Adrienne Bailon deserves a flipping medal or something.

Don’t know who Adrienne Bailon is? Don’t worry – neither do we! Just know that there are naked Adrienne Bailon photos all over the internet, and there’s supposedly a sex tape on the way too. Best of all, Adrienne Bailon is 25 years old, so you can look at her naked photos without being terrified that the police will find the images on your hard drive and get all Gary Glitter on you.

We’re sure this is hugely embarrassing time for Adrienne Bailon, and the poor girl’s probably worried that these naked photos will spell the end of her career – but there’s no reason for that to happen. Just look at Kim Kardashian – a similar thing happened to her and she managed to last three full weeks on Dancing With The Stars. That’s the big time, Adrienne!

Kate Winslet’s Naked Body Totally Belongs To Kate Winslet, OK?

History dictates that, whenever Kate Winslet appears in public, she must always have her bum – or at least one of her norks – out.

And since Kate Winslet has an interview in the new issue of Vanity Fair, it stands to reason that she should get as absolutely naked as flipping possible in every single accompanying picture. But here’s the crazy thing – Kate Winslet’s naked body actually looks fairly decent in the photos.

And this is chubby old Kate Winslet we’re talking about here – lumpy bumpy old chubby old Kate Winslet. So if her naked pictures looked good, it’s only logical to assume that it was because they’d been mangled beyond all recognition with an airbrush. Just don’t mention that around Kate Winslet, because there’s a strong chance she’ll punch your face off if she hears you.