Slutty Kim Kardashian Flaunting Boobs in Halloween Costumes, Again

Kim Kardashian practically naked

Isn’t it always the stupid ones that love the weirdest holidays? I can see why people like Christmas, and even why they like Easter, but people get so excited about Halloween that I sometimes question their sanity. Sure, ghosts and ghoulies are pretty good, but still…it’s not really a holiday at all, is it? It’s just an excuse to dress up stupidly and get free sweets until you’re 14 and pimply and people don’t want to open their doors to you anymore.

But God bless, every Halloween you can go out in the middle of town and see people who take it way too seriously, applying fake blood like they were trauma doctors and flashing skin like they’re strippers. Speaking of which – hey everybody! It’s Kim Kardashian!

Stupid Celebrities Love Getting Naked for Fish

So this is Lizzy Jagger, daughter of Mick, straddling a giant tuna as if it were a chivalric steed. What the fuck is happening here, you may be asking yourself. It’s the everyday life of a celebrity, duh. This is what they do with themselves when the rest of us are clocking in at factories and clocking out at the bars.

Somehow this sort of thing gets classed as ‘philanthropy’, which last time I checked didn’t mean getting your boobs out for a good cause. But maybe celebrities have a special dictionary or something.

Who Knew Kate Middleton Had Such an Incredible Ass?

Kate Middleton

Take me away and lock me up in the Tower of London, because I bring what is potentially treasonous news. Kate Middleton’s hoo-hah has been photographed in the wild – showing that the paparazzi problems between the Royal family and the rest of us will never end.

You all know the story by now: Wills and Kate were holidaying in France, and a photographer who was seemingly stationed a good couple of miles away and was unable to keep a steady enough hand to get anything like clear images took pictures of her boobs.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an Incredible Male Stripper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt  stripping on SNL

I am gay for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The guy can do no wrong. He was great as a tiny kid in Third Rock from the Sun, and he’s been great in most of the movies he does nowadays as an accomplished adult actor. He’s not fallen off the wagon, and he’s fairly level-headed – which is more than you can say for a lot of former child actors.

Plus, the guy is able to make fun of himself. Whether it’s singing alongside Zooey Deschanel or – his latest foray into fun – making fun of himself and Channing Tatum’s stripper movie Magic Mike, he throws himself into things with gusto.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published by Horny French Perverts

Kate Middleton Topless in Closer Magazine France

What is the media’s obsession with seeing members of the royal family in their birthday suits? It turns out that it’s not only Prince Harry that enjoys being carefree and clothesless in the world. Today, French magazine Closer has published photos of Kate Middleton topless.

“So what?” you’re thinking. Well, this is the wife of the third in line to the British throne, who is currently in the middle of a media tour of the far East. She’s also one of the most recognised faces in the world, and she’s linked to a family which is known for its reserve and gentility (but is always featured prominently in media outlets when they don’t behave quite so well – see Wales, Harry for a bunch of perfect examples).

5 Reasons Why Prince Harry is a Complete Embarrassment

Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas

Well, he was grown up for five days. I guess that’s all you can ask for really. He is, after all, ginger, spoilt, and unlikely to ever see himself as King. A guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do, and in that case it means letting off steam and making the British Royal Family seem like it’s a college kid at a kegger.

We are of course talking about Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, known to Harry by some and a monumental fuckup to the 70 million people of Britain. You see, we were doing so well this year. We had the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We held the Olympics. The Paralympics was coming up round the corner. People around the world liked us and respected us! But then ginger Harry had to come and fuck it up, as he always does. Let’s count the ways he’s screwed over the country by being an absolute lad.

Octomom Poses Nude For Cash, Which Is Just What We All Wanted

You remember Octomom right? She’s the woman who gave birth to FOURTEEN octopus babies. Calamarvelous! Of course, being such a gigantic freak show, the world’s press pounded her door day and night for a piece of the action.

All the while, mucky pups inundated her with requests to get the chance to photograph her while she was in the nude.

Octopus Woman swore she’d never disrobe for cash… but then the bills started to pile up. And so, now,?desperate for money, she’s got her kit off and decided to show the world the body that spat out little tentacle babies!

Robert Pattinson Shoots His Own Hand And Has Sex Like A Barnyard Animal

Robert Pattinson? Shooting his own hand off? Surely any right-minded bullet would be too bored in his presence to actually get the gumption to pass through his doughy flesh? Alas, this is the movies where all manner of unlikely things happen!

That’s right – in new flick Cosmopolis, R-Pattz?shoots a Jesus hole in his hand, stabs someone in the eye socket and has lots of sex.

Great news if you’re able to stay awake while he’s on-screen that is.

Keira Knightley Has Bad Skin (To Add To The Thorough Absence Of Talent)

Apparently, Keira Knightley feels self-conscious about her ”bad skin”. Absolutely no word on her feeling self-conscious about her awful, despairing acting skills, but there you go. Did you expect anything else from a woman who willingly starred in Domino?

Of course, having bad skin is no laughing matter. Unless you look like a pizza, which is absolutely hilarious.

But Keira is the?26-year-old face of Chanel, so she’s got problems there, right? She’s got a much-photographed face. AND IT HAS SOME BAD SKIN ON IT!

Christina Hendricks Nudes Appear After Phone Hack, Apparently [NSFW]

After arrests and official inquiries, it seemed that phone hacking and leaked nudes were a thing of the past. Shame. Until now that is, as there’s photographs floating around which claim to be the boobs of Christina Hendricks.

This, of course, is of much more interest to women than men because they’re the only people who really fancy her. Men that say they lust after the Mad Men actress are simply trying to impress women.

So, do you want to see some boobies? Click over the jump and, of course, the images are not safe to be viewed in the office unless you’re boss doesn’t mind that sort of thing.