Tacky-Ass Jenny McCarthy Injects Some Needed Sex Appeal Into “The View”

jenny-mccarthy To quote the incomparable Andy Cohen: ?Big Mazel to the great @JennyMcCarthy! #theView is abt to get #cray.? And?it’s true. America’s treasure, that demure little flower, Jenny McCarthy, will be joining the cast of The View, thereby sealing its position as the most unwatchable show on television.

As all diligent hausfraus know, the cast of The View has experienced a real shake-up lately. The insufferable Elisabeth Hasselbeck finally?left to spout her narrow-minded bullshit elsewhere, Joy Behar is leaving later this summer, and Babs has just one year left. But instead of rolling with it, letting that bitch-fest dwindle down organically, maybe letting Whoopi and Sherri fight it out, the producers are tampering with nature and replacing the empty spots.

While Cher would be ideal, from?a certain viewpoint, the addition of Jenny?makes perfect sense. One thing that show has been sorely lacking?in its 16 seasons on the air is some T&A … and Jenny can provide that in spades. It’s middle-aged T&A, but still pretty spunky, and it’s leagues better than what’s been going on the last few years. (Ever since Star Jones left there’s been a distinct lack of eye candy on that set.)

All along, the fundamental concept of The View has been that it offers perspectives from “a team of dynamic women of different ages, experiences, and backgrounds.” And in that respect as well, Jenny is a perfect addition, because I’m pretty sure that none of the other ladies have done either beaver shots in Playboy or dated Donnie Wahlberg. Or had a drug-fueled orgy with a pack of Playmates while on a photo-shoot in Hawaii that they proudly detailed in a memoir,?for example. Not to mention that at?a youthful 40 years old, Jenny’s?50 to 60?years younger than any of the others, now that horrible Elisabeth is gone.

Plus, Jenny’s intellectual. You can tell?by the glasses and?understated hairstyle.