Surprise! Lindsay Lohan has been Drunk the Whole Time!


I’ve been president of the Lindsay Lohan fan club for like 16 fucking years, and I’ve stood behind that bitch through a lot. A LOT. I bought “I Know Who Killed Me” on dvd. TWICE! IT WAS $40 WHEN I BOUGHT IT! Anyway, I always had hope she’d make some type of glorious comeback, but, to be perfectly honest, I got over that dream after rehab visit #4.

Well, apparently I can finally say that I’m smarter than Oprah, because even after rehab visit #6, Oprah still believed in that bitch and tried to give her a comeback. Lindsay has her own “reality” show on Oprah’s network about her recovery and shit, and guess what? Bitch hasn’t been all that real. Just real drunk, maybe.

Lindsay has been dealing with all her shit on her reality show and last week even confessed to screwing up by having a glass of wine. A glass of wine? Really? Any alcoholic knows bitch is lying because there is no such thing as ONE glass of wine. Unless you’ve got one of those big ass glasses that holds the whole bottle, no one that truly loves wine can have ONE glass of wine. If my moderately stable ass can’t do it, then Lindsay Lohan sure as hell can’t!


Anyway, sources are saying that Lindsay’s little wine relapse is just a small fraction of what’s really been going on. Apparently, Lindsay has been downing the bad shit basically the whole time and lying about it on tv like she’s me at my grandparents anniversary dinner saying “Only on my second glass of wine!” while buying more glasses on the side and downing them in a bathroom stall (oh my god, I have a problem…), but you what the difference between me and Lindsay is? I can admit that I’m a hot mess who needs a damn leash! I’m not lying to Oprah. OPRAH!

An on-set source (Probably Oprah herself) said:

Lindsay agreed to be authentic and give the cameras full access to her life, but she didn’t? [she’s been] drinking since almost day one of filming.?The only money she got was from Oprah and that’s over now.

Poor and addicted to wine? Maybe I should get back on Team Lohan. We have more in common now than we ever have.


  1. Cori says

    I have watched the show because I’m a recovering alcoholic. I sincerely had hoped this would be a turnaround for her. I have 3 years, 7 months for real sobriety It has been painful to watch because she is still such a mess. In the latest episode she blows off a photo shoot, reschedules, shows up late, tells the photographer how to do his job, etc. She causes all kinds of problems for everyone because she can’t be on time for anything or simply doesn’t show up at all. She is still blaming others when if she would simply do what SHE is supposed to do, the rest would follow. She has a bit of time (allegedly) in sobriety and she thinks she deserves all these opportunities???? You EARN that. Sobriety is hard and I can tell you I’ve never wanted ONE glass of anything alcoholic so I have NONE. She’s not being honest, not giving access, not showing up, not being on time. I don’t know what she’s trying to prove but she’s proving something with this show…………but not what she intended.

  2. Rea says

    The latest lie about a miscarriage is an insult to every woman who has ever suffered through one, and I think the final nail in the coffin for her career as an actress. I surely hope that Oprah has not been fooled by her because her constant drinking is obvious. She is a sick human being.