Supernova Changes Name, Picks Even Worse New Name

Rock Star Supernova Name judge TV show Tommy LeeIt's been exactly one week since Lukas Rossi won Rock Star: Supernova; and already the band, the winner and just about ever other pointless aspect of that jumped-up talent show/ bad haircut showcase have been all but forgotten.

It was already going to be difficult for Supernova – the Rock Star: Supernova band featuring Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead, Gilby Clarke and Lukas Rossi – to maintain the momentum they built up during the show's duration as they disappear to record their new album together, but now a judge has made it even more difficult for Supernova to maintain a career by ruling that Supernova can't even call themselves Supernova any more.

Supernova never really stood much of a chance, did they? Although Supernova boasts a lineup consisting of Guns N' Roses' third-choice guitarist, a bloke who used to be in Metallica, Pamela Anderson's ex-husband and the winner of a televised karaoke contest, there are thousands of reasons to assume that Supernova won't become a genuinely successful band.

For a start, reality TV talent show winners never have a long career – as soon as the public is done choosing them, the fun wears off and they're forgotten in favour of the shiny-toothed American Idol hopefuls, or whatever the next reality TV talent show that rolls around is. Even when the reality TV show picked a singer for an established band like INXS – and even when the winner could sing like Elvis Presley himself – the new lineup only reached number 37 in the charts.

And that was a big band like INXS, not Supernova – a ramshackle group of three middle-aged cast-offs and a singer with a face like a soggy bun – so imagine the difficulty that Supernova will have at keeping successful. To make matters worse, a judge has ruled that Supernova can't even be called Supernova any more, after a band with the same name filed a trademark dispute against the house band of Rock Star: Supernova, as Billboard reports:

The original Supernova, based in Orange County, Calif., has released four albums and is best known for contributing the song "Chewbacca" to the cult movie "Clerks." The group sued Mark Burnett Productions, Lee, his bandmates and others in June for trademark infringement and other claims. After a Sept. 12 court proceeding, the federal District Court in San Diego ordered Mark Burnett Productions, Rockstar Entertainment and Burnett-affiliated JMBP Inc. to stop using the name "Supernova" in connection with performing, recording or selling music.

Fortunately the Orange County band didn't file the same dispute against BBC2 Rob Brydon vehicle Supernova, or else it would have to change its name to That Shit Rob Brydon Sitcom which – let's be honest – most people call it anyway. But back to the bands; the TV Supernova will be henceforce known as Rock Star Supernova, which we can all agree is a tragically appalling name. They couldn't even convince the Orange County Supernova to change their name to Schmindie No-Mark Supernova, either.

Not that any of this actually matters, of course. The Rock Star Supernova album won't even come out for another two months, by which time you'll have all forgotten that the band ever existed anyway.

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  1. says

    I just wanted to say that I think most people will remember Rockstar Supernova after watching this summer’s shows.
    Maybe they will even be more popular when their new album is released, because of the problem with their band name.
    Anyway, I hope they do really well. For all those who doubt their success, I want them to succeed even more. To *Lukas
    Rossi and Rockstar Supernova* GOOD LUCK!!!!

    A devoted fan