Strictly Come Dancing Recap: Cherie Lunghi

Just one more day to go until the episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Thank God, because we’re getting addicted to it.

Seriously, we’re Strictly Come Dancing junkies. Actual junkies. Like heroin junkies. When we don’t get any Strictly Come Dancing for a while we go all shivery and bald and Scottish. And we’ve damaged our bodies so much with our Strictly Come Dancing addiction that the only non-collapsed vein we have left to inject Strictly Come Dancing into is in our genitals. It’s not nice.

Anyway, here’s the Strictly Come Dancing recap for Cherie Lunghi‘s dance last Saturday…

Cherie Lunghi – We could be wrong here, but we’re getting the feeling that Strictly Come Dancing might have struck a deal with Kenco, because – what with Don Warrington and now Cherie Lunghi – it seems like there’s a bizarre influx of people who’ve been on Kenco adverts on the show this year. Fingers crossed net year they’ll do the same thing with Brut, so we can see Kevin Keegan, John Conteh and Henry Cooper all dancing round like spangly bastards. But back to this year’s Strictly Come Dancing – Cherie Lunghi did a Foxtrot to that song off the deodorant advert, and she did it effortlessly. It was classy, graceful and understated, and the Strictly Come Dancing judges called it the routine of the evening. Flash forward a couple of weeks to the Quickstep, when Cherie Lunghi’s support pants fall down and she dislocates her hip and it’ll be a different story, but for now it’s looking decent. Strictly Come Dancing score – 33

Next week: More Strictly Come Dancing recaps, for the boys.