Star Wars Is Dead Says George Lucas [Video]

George Lucas has not exactly endeared himself to Star Wars fanatics lately, tinkering with the films they love so dearly. Darth Vader shouting “Noooooo!” seems to have sent fans so insane with rage, that they have written many, many angry forum posts.

Heavy. Death Star heavy.

And so, like a small boy who is tired of being shouted at by his parents, George Lucas has announced that Star Wars is being killed off, forever.

One good thing about Star Wars being dead is that we won’t have to suffer Jar Jar Binks ever again. The only good thing that camp rasta ever did was to apologetically appear in Episode II where he mooched around for 2 minutes of screen time and walk off into the middle distance thinking about how truly ghastly he was.

Alas, the bad thing about all this is that Georgy Boy will now have a lot more time on his hands to ruin the Indiana Jones franchise as opposed to, y’know, MAKING SOME NEW FILMS BASED ON NEW IDEAS.


Anyway, Lucas was leaving Toast in L.A. yesterday where he was asked if he was going to release the 7th, 8th and 9th installments of Star Wars.

It appears not as George swatted the questions away saying that he won’t be making films anymore.

As a mark of respect, we’re off to watch Howard the Duck once we’ve blown the dust off our VHS player. Now watch this video concerning George’s retirement.