Spice Girls Pregnancy Betting Odds: Ginger

Spice Girls Pregnancy betting odds Geri Halliwell GingerWe're continuing to mark the traditional week of emptiness that follows the end of a Big Brother season the only way we can – by shutting our eyes real tight and wishing that someone would knock Geri Halliwell up.

Our fun-filled week of Spice Girls pregnancy betting odds is now halfway through, but if you're new to this, let us explain – the Spice Girls are reforming at the end of this year for a highly lucrative world tour. But, since it's the Spice Girls, something is bound to go horribly wrong before the end of the tour, and we're guessing that it'll be something to do with one of their ovaries. Hence the Spice Girls pregnancy betting odds, where we take a look at each of the Spice Girls and try to work out which one of them is most likely to fall pregnant first before they split up again.

We've already looked at Baby and Scary this week, so here are the Spice Girls pregnancy betting odds for Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell, with help from Paddy Power

Ginger – Now we're going to admit to you that we don't know the exact status of Geri Halliwell's romantic life, but we can't imagine it's all that great because, well, she's Geri Halliwell. Geri Halliwell already has a baby, the ridiculously-named Bluebell Madonna, but Geri Halliwell's borderline psychotic attention span means that she's probably already bored with it and wants another one, possibly one that's brown or only has one eye like that cute Children In Need bear. Plus a shameless attention-whore like Geri Halliwell will do whatever she can to distinguish herself from the other Spice Girls. Having bizarre-coloured hair doesn't do it any more, and the next natural step up from that is obviously letting some bloke knock her up in the middle of a world tour. And Geri, if you're reading this and you plan to take our advice, the next natural step up from letting some bloke knock you up is to sew your mouth up with a giant knitting needle live on stage. Current Spice Girls betting odds – 3/1 

Tomorrow – will Sporty Spice pop a bun in her oven or a baby up her guts? But if that's too long to wait – or you feel like making more money than you know what to do with – head right over to the Paddy Power Spice Girls Pregnancy betting odds page to see the latest, and best, betting odds.