South Park’s Top 24 Cartman Moments

Here at Hecklerspray, we have often been described as negative and cynical.

Now, that just hurts us. So to prove we actually can be positive about things, we have decided to dedicate a list to one TV show we truly love, South Park. And, in particular, its greatest creation, Eric Cartman.

In fact, we love South Park so much, we treasure it above KFC, Xbox and our own mothers.? Really! More than KFC. It’s that good.

And, of course, one of the main reasons for this love is Eric Cartman. We think he is one of the greatest ever TV characters of all time. But don’t take our word for it, just check out his finest moments.

As always, if you think we have missed something, please let us know. There are so many funny Cartman clips, keeping it down to just 24 was almost impossible. Plus, we wanted to spread the clips around rather than just feature entire episodes.

Anyway, enjoy!

24. Cartman eats his own underwear

23. Casa Bonita

22. No hall pass

21. Pretending he has Tourette’s so he can say whatever he wants

20. Kyle’s mom is a bitch

19. Cartman starts Christian rock band

18. Cartman’s tea-party

17. Cartman restarts Civil War

16. Cartman pretends to be a robot

15. Cartman joins the Special Olympics

14. Ben Affleck dates Cartman’s hand

13. Cartman and NAMBLA

12. Cartman dresses up like Hitler

11. Cartman wants a Wii

10. Cartman and KFC

9. Busting my balls

8. Heat of the Moment

7. Cartman’s Ginger snap

6. Cartman’s gay polarity

5. Kyle has sand in his vagina

4. Respect my authoritah

3. Cartman’s anal probe

2. Bad pie

1. Making Scott Tenorman eat his own parents



  1. shooty* says

    V good. Can I add: Meeting Bart Simpson and scaring him off, and “Why don’t you stop… making me dress up as a mailman… and… and… dance for you, while you smoke crack, in your bedroom” etc

  2. j says

    definitely missing Cartman goes on the maury povich show to get a free prize. “Whateva, I do what I want!”

  3. Georg says

    what about when he crapped on teachers desk to get to detention to avoid getting beat up after school

  4. Stew says

    I really think cartman thinking he was the vietnamese hooker “5 dolla soldier boy” should have made the cut…

  5. John says

    “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”

    I laugh so hard everytime I see that one.

  6. andy says

    how about cartman taunting then beating up the midget sent to talk to the class about being different?

  7. dave says

    whats the big deal it doesnt hurt anybody,””fuck , fuckity fuck fuck”-cartman……………on loudspeaker”how would you like to suck my balls,Mr carson”

  8. Sarah says

    I’ve eaten at the real Casa Bonita. It’s got cliff divers, fire breathers, and horrible cafeteria style Mexican food.

  9. martinchill says

    mixing sea horses and semen… “he told me to close my eyes and just suck it out of a hose.”

  10. john334 says

    i think the best southpark moment is right in the begining of eppisode 31 (Prehistoric Ice Man)
    it has a short parody of the crocodile hunter.

  11. SelectiveSloth says

    Wow, great great work. I almost fell off my chair, watching number 24.

    I think Cartman communicates with the anti-hero in all of of us. Love you Cartman.

  12. Chris says

    I absolutely LOVE South Park and watch the episodes religiously. You have a great list here. Nice work.