Someone Still Cares About Borat Enough To Sue Him

Borat Sued Michael Psenicska movie driving instructorThe Borat movie came out so long ago that the only people left to logically get annoyed about it are people who share buses with year-late schoolkids who insist on shouting nothing but "Wow wow wee wah" every single effing day.

But that isn't the case at all – there are still some unwitting stars of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan who have only just got round to suing the makers of the movie for the way they were led to appear in it. The latest Borat-suer is driving instructor Michael Psenicska, who is seeking unspecified damages from producers. It's an important lawsuit, too, because it means that almost everyone who appeared in the Borat movie has now tried to sue – and it'll be a clean sweep once we've convinced those two Jewish cockroaches from the guest house scene that they were unfairly represented.

As funny as it was at the time, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan has just caused nothing but trouble since it was released. If Borat was never released, for example, then maybe Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson would still be together, plus Borat wouldn't have been punched in the face so many times by angry drunkards.

But most of all, without Borat there'd be no pile after pile of tedious lawsuits from people who gave their consent to appear in the film without realising that it was actually a comedy. So far Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen has been sued by Romanian dildo-hand villages, the insufferable gang of frat boys from the movie, a man who ran away from Borat and someone who wasn't even in Borat but could have been.

And now to that list we can add Michael Psenicska, who made up this portion of the Borat movie…

According to reports, Michael Psenicska is suing Sacha Baron Cohen, One America Productions and 20th Century Fox for the way he says he was misled into giving his consent to appear in the movie along with the emotional harm he continues to experience, presumably from swarthy eastern European men who want to become his boyfriend. 

However, 20th Century Fox isn't having any of it, and says that Psenicska is only suing the movie because it made a lot of money at the box office:

"The fact is that Mike Psenicska gave the producers his consent. He signed a release and we have an agreement. Now, 2 1/2 years after giving his consent, and more than one year after the movie was released, Mr. Psenicska has decided to file a lawsuit, citing the financial success of the film, in spite of our agreement."

Where the lawsuit goes from here is anybody's guess, but for everyone's sake we hope that Michael Psenicska is unsuccessful. After all, if he were to win damages it would set a precedent that everyone else who Sacha Baron Cohen has ever even spoken to would follow. And that'd probably change the dramatic structure of the forthcoming Bruno film, too – from another satirical look into the heart of America to 90 minutes of a man dressed in a vaguely homosexual way sitting on a sofa by himself in silence.

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