Solange Throws a WTF Violent Hissy Fit at Jay-Z


File this under: What the ACTUAL fuck? In the above picture from the MET Ball, Jay-Z looks shocked and like someone bitch slapped him, Beyonce looks like she’s keeping her shit together for the paps, and Solange has a fuming bitch face. Why, you might ask? Because Solange had just physically attacked Jay-Z in an elevator moments before this picture was taken!

Color me super confused, because I can’t imagine anything in Beyonce’s life not being perfect. She seems to super love both her husband and her sister and they all went to the MET Ball together, so what the hell happened here!?

TMZ (the Columbo of celebrity gossip) got their hands on this elevator surveillance video from The Standard hotel. Get ready to see Solange go all street on Jay-Z shortly after the MET Ball:

WHAT THE WHAT?! Solange attacks Jay-Z like 12-year-old Krysta would’ve attacked Reese Witherspoon after she married my try luv always, Ryan Phillippe. Bitch is PISSED.

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to keep their cool as best as they can during the whole thing, but fuck, that shit is INTENSE.

As of right now, no one has any fucking clue why Solange went all Halle Berry on Jay-Z (for some reason I imagine that is how Halle Berry reacts to everything), but a source says:

Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way. She took it too hard or too far. Not sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.

WHAT DID JAY-Z SAY? Did he point out the only reason she was there (or relevant at all) is because of Beyonce? Did he make a joke about bitches who get knocked up at 17? Did he make fun of her new Kris Jenner-style hairdo? INQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW!

Anyway, I guess things are cooled down now because Solange’s son, Julez, attended the Miami Heat/Brooklyn Nets game with Jay and Bey on Sunday, but I WILL get to the bottom of this, because I am nosey and can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt my beloved Hova.