Snoop Lion Did a Stupid Video About Christmas for Adidas

Snoop Christmas CarolAdidas?recently released an animated short film loosely based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to promote its holiday collection. The film is titled “The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop”?and yes, it stars Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg … we’ll just call him Snoop for the sake of simplicity) as the host and protagonist, guiding viewers through this “classic tale of loss, regret, redemption, and of course, partying.”

Snoop is the only person who physically appears in the film (other than skateboarder Mark Gonzales as?a butler who delivers Snoop’s night cap in a plastic cup), but it also features the voices and animated likenesses of David Beckham, tennis legend Stan Smith,?basketball star Derrick Rose, and sexpot singer Rita Ora.

The four-minute long?film begins with Snoop smoking a pipe in front of a roaring fireplace and a?lovely Christmas tree and then?shifts to cartoon-form, with artistry courtesy of Beavis & Butthead’s J.J. Sedalmaier. In a voiceover, Snoop sets the scene.

“‘Twas the season of egg nog and juice and everyone was thankful to be alive. Everyone but one man … Ebenezer Snoop.”

The animated Snoop, wearing a purple bathrobe and Adidas slides, explains that he used to love this time of year, but the “holiday spirit has been dried from [his] cup.” Then the ghost of holiday past appears in the form of Stan Smith (of course, who else would it be?). Stan?transports Snoop back in time?to a “legit” party that happened?when Snoop was still having fun, and suggests?to Snoop that he has forgotten about his friends.?Snoop is then magically conveyed to a present-day party where he meets Becks, the ghost of holiday present. The party is not fun, and?Becks?sums up the situation with his characteristic wisdom and sensitivity:

?Things just aren?t the same when you?re not in the game.?

Then it’s time for Rita and Derrick?as the bizarrely-paired tag team?ghosts of holiday future to show Snoop the horrors of a future party without him there to pep it up. These are Rita’s?profound words for Snoop:

“Uncloud your eyes. Can’t you see the future’s a hot mess?”

After agreeing to return to?his hard partying ways, Snoop is returned home where he finally changes out of his bathrobe into regular clothes (Adidas brand, of course),?and bursts into a party in?progress?like a glittering ray of sunshine with a huge tub of booze, and?apologizes to the crowd for being “selfish and [forgetting] all about y’all”

The scene then?shifts back to the live?Snoop, who subtly pitches an Adidas Facebook app that will not only gauge whether you’re full of holiday bah hum-bizzle, but also collect the names and information of your entire contact list for promotional/advertising purposes. In the words of Ebenezer Snoop himself, Happy Holi-dizzle, y’all.

Christmas Carol with Snoop and Becks