Snoop Dogg Throws An Airport Wobbly, Arrested, Freed Again

snoop dogg heathrow airport tantrumSnoop Dogg might not be the controversial bad boy of hip-hop that he once was – that ended just about the same time as his cameo on US sitcom Just Shoot Me – but that doesn't stop him trying.

Just when you thought that the mainstream had ironed out all the badass from Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg has gone and done something so furiously gangsta that his name will now always conjure up visions of extreme anti-authority rebellion in the minds of everyone he comes across. What was this terrifying act that Snoop Dogg executed?

He, erm, threw a bit of a tantrum because he couldn't get into the First Class lounge at Heathrow Airport. Bitchin'!

Even though he's probably most famous these days for doing a bad impression of himself as Huggy Bear in the Starsky And Hutch movie or being relentlessly stalked by crazed Snoop fan David Beckham, Snoop Dogg occasionally shows glimpses of his old bad boy behaviour, namely by saying that poverty was for motherfuckers during the Live 8 concert. And now Snoop can add 'childish airport strop' to his list of wrongdoings.

On Wednesday night, Snoop Dogg and his posse entered London Heathrow airport in transit from Los Angeles. Instead of doing the normal airport waiting thing – like being wedged between a fat snoring businessman and a screaming baby on a massively uncomfortable sofa watching the same weather forecast nine million times – Snoop Dogg and his entourage decided that they wanted to enter the British Airways First Class lounge.

Trouble is, they didn't have the right tickets.

Usually at this point, the canny air passenger would have tried all the stock upgrade tactics, like "but it's my birthday," or "it's our six-month anniversary and I promised her something really special," but Snoop Dogg apparently decided to start screaming at his minders until they started to smash up bottles of booze. Seven police officers were slightly injured by the melee, and Snoop and his entourage were arrested on suspicion of causing violent disorder and affray.

Now, though, Snoop's lawyer has stated that Snoop Dogg was freed against police custody on bail and had "not been charged with any offence." However, the lawyer did not make any mention of Snoop's entourage.

So well done, Snoop. Your airport strop has ensured that your hardcore gangsta credentials are as intact as ever. You are now officially as hardcore as Scott Stapp from Creed.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]