Snoop Dogg Returns To Londizzle After Airport Rumpus

snoop dogg london airport policeLast month, Snoop Dogg joined a special group of celebrities – like Bjork, Elton John and Diana Ross – who have all apparently got a bit shitty in an aiport. And now Snoop is back in London to face ta caution.

Typical – when Snoop Dogg gets in trouble at an airport, he is politely invited back to discuss the outcome of the police investigation; but when we do anything wrong, we get a burly security guard's fist rammed up our bottom for an hour and a half. Where's the jizzustice?

If reports from last month are to be believed, Snoop Dogg has his own special way of trying to cheekily secure an upgrade when he visits an airport – on a stop-off at Heathrow Airport on the way to South Africa, he allegedly threw a giant tantrum about not being allowed into the British Airways first-class lounge.

According to reports, Snoop's minders then apparently "went berserk," smashing up a load of booze and pinching cigarettes from the Duty Free shop. Then the police came along. So the minders beat them up too – in all, seven police officers were injured in the rumpus. Snoop Dogg, along with some of his entourage, were arrested on suspicion of causing violent disorder and affray and they were detained on custody overnight.

The following morning, Snoop Dogg and his posse were released on condition that they return to London to face any potential sentences. And that's what has just happened – Snoop has accepted a police caution. A lucky escape; we were expecting police to ask Snoop to perform another of his inappropriately profane concerts for some prisoners, or perhaps convincing him to bring his old mucker David Beckham down to the station.

One thing's for sure, though – Snoop Dogg won't be allowed to fly on another British Airways flight so long as he lives. Shame British Airways didn't go a step further and ban every rubbish Snoop Dogg movie from their in-flight schedules…

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[story by Stuart Heritage]