Slash: Relationship Counsellor For Jim Carrey In A Top Hat

Remember when Slash was in a band? Then he wimped off because he was getting picked on by a man in cycling shorts, preferring to job it as a guitar slag for hire? Well, in addition to ‘guitar solo for hire’, he’s now?Jim Carrey’s relationship advisor!

No, honestly he is.

Carrey got all?heartbroken following the breakdown of a relationship, so for seemingly no reason at all, Slash decided he was the man to cheer him up, all the while, wearing his Papa Lazaru top-hat and afro combo! Awww!

Slash, putting his guitar down for two minutes and admiring his own fingers, recalled taking Rent A Gurn Carrey to a bar in Los Angeles after he split-up from his long term partner Jenny McCarthy.

Slash said:

?Guns ‘n’ Roses did a cameo in a movie called The Dead Pool and Jim Carey was in the movie and he lip-synced to our song Welcome To The Jungle – and that was our initial meeting. But I have been friends with him since.

?He broke up with [Jenny McCarthy] and he was having a moment and I took him down to a club in LA called Cozy?s and he got up and sang. We did Black Betty and I think we did a Pink Floyd song and he was just venting. It was pretty cool.?

Aww. You can take the boy out of Stoke, but you can’t take the Stoke out of the boy. Advising a visit to the pub when someone is crying is a most British trait. Showing off with a guitar and Jim Carrey is America’s fault and influence. Showy swines.

So what of him being a gigantic rock slag? Afterall, he’s teamed up with people like Michael Jackson as well as acts such as The Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna.

Yes. The Black Eyed Peas. Credible huh? Apparently, these things happen by chance.

?The only time I?ve ever done something like this [asking musicians to work with him] was on my last album and I had all these great people on it, so I had to do some cold calling. The other collaborations are just things that happen by chance because you?re both at the same pub and you?re common language is music and next thing you?re playing together ? or sometimes I get calls saying, ?Can you come in and put something on a record.??

You forgot the bit where they offer you huge sums of money and you don’t care about whether they’re any good or not, Slash. SLASH! BUDDY! YOU FORGOT THAT BIT! COME BACK!