X-Avenger game boysGoodness, but if X-Avenger isn't a boy's game. Everything about X-Avenger has been deliberately targeted for boys, from the action filmy 'Avenger' part to the sexy yet mysterious 'X' part. If there was a subgame involving bikini models we'd really be talking, but there isn't, so shut up. Wooooar! BOYS!

Even X-Avenger's official description is jam-packed full of the sort of words that make boys imagine they're superheroes, look:

The most advanced and powerful spacecraft ever built is yours to command in this brilliant shooter game! Wield a dominating array of energy, missile, and other advanced weaponry as you take the fight to the merciless Orion invaders, penetrating their secret stronghold in Dimension-X and thwarting their evil plans.

Powerful? Dominating? Advanced weaponry? Thwarting? WOOOOAR! These are BOY-WORDS! But dropping all the ridiculous machismo for a second, X-Avenger is actually a perfectly competent little game. In X-Avenger you need to think as well as blast, and we're yet to meet anyone that hasn't enjoyed it completely. Except girls. But girls are crap. WOOOOOOAR!!!

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