SLACKERJACK – Retro Records

Retro Records gameRecords, now those were the days. Back in the days of vinyl you could end a fight by smashing an LP over somebody's head. Try that with an mp3 and you'll look like the world's biggest dickhead. But don't worry, because Retro Records is here as a throwback to the golden age of fluffy styluses and songs that skip whenever people walk down the stairs.

Retro Records is… oh OK, Retro Records is an online puzzle game, the likes of which we've had on hecklerspray a billion times before. But there are a couple of important differences to Retro Records. 1) Retro Records is about things that exist in real life instead of gemstones and unicorns and whatever other nonsense these puzzle games are usually about and 2) Retro Records makes a big deal about record sleeves, and we like record sleeves an awful lot. Other than that, you should know exactly what you'll be getting with Retro Records.

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