SLACKERJACK – Idiot Test 4

Idiot Test 4 gameWe're not sure that we need to play a game called Idiot Test because the entire universe seems to treat the hecklerspray staff as the subjects of a giant cosmic idiot test that we're doomed to fail. It's the sort of idiot test that means we'll lose one shoe in a shopping centre and get mocked about it for months.

But for the rest of you, here's Idiot Test 4. In Idiot Test 4 the aim of the game is to prove you're not an idiot. This is achieved by following a simple set of instructions on screen, like 'press a button' and 'press the number 4'. But here's the thing. You're going to fail Idiot Test 4. You're going to fail Idiot Test 4 again and again and again. But, since you usually leave shopping centres with both of your shoes, that means you're probably better than us.

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