Gish game GishAs a rule, pulsating lumps of tar with glowing yellow eyes have tended to be under-represented in online games in the past, but that ends now with the confusingly-titled Gish, which also sounds like a dismissive noise made by a Scotsman.

Gish is a kind of Mario/ Sonic game – you have to visit strange new platformy worlds to rescue your lady – but with a moving blob of tar instead of a lead character. The first that that'll strike you about Gish is how beautiful it looks – there's been some care gone into Gish's appearance, and it shows. Secondly, there's the Gish gameplay to deal with – waves and waves of weird-looking monsters are out to get you, and while getting shot of them isn't the easiest thing you'll do all day, it remains simple enough to pick up without too many headaches. Gish easily has to be our favourite tar-based online platform game of February 2007.

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