SLACKERJACK – Family Feud Holiday

Family Feud HolidayYes yes, we know that we only recently featured a Family Feud game on hecklerspray a couple of weeks ago, but it's almost Christmas and this is a Christmas version of Family Feud so shut up.

Chances are you know how to play Family Feud by now, and Family Feud Holiday is no different. There's a "We asked 100 people what the rudest-sounding town in Surrey is" question and you have to try and guess the answers. But since this is Family Feud Holiday, the questions have more of a Christmas theme to them. We're not going to give any of the Family Feud Holiday questions away to you in case they spoil your fun, but let's face it – the bulk of the fun anyone gets from Family Feud is laughing at all the guff-brained answers to simple questions that people give. Since you can play Family Feud Holiday head-to-head with anyone you know, that could even mean you get to laugh at your own mother's stupidity. Laugh! And point! Laugh and point until she cries! Merry Christmas!

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