Skins Film Announced, A New Low Reached In Cinema

Skins, Skins MovieOmg! Lolz!!1!!1! If you?re a 12-year-old with a deluded view on what teenage life is like, that will probably be your reaction.

However if, like us, you live in the real world, you?ll no doubt be banging your head against the nearest blunt object.

Skins can only be described as the Daily Mail?s worst nightmare, since the show takes us into the supposed world of a teenager?s life. It wouldn?t make for good viewing if the characters all had study groups, helped the elderly and grew their own organic vegetables. Instead, it?s filled with boozing, shagging, crying and drug taking. Usually confined to E4, it might now bother you on the big screen.

Forget your popcorn and cola when the film eventually dumps itself in the cinema, you?ll be talking poppers and cocaine instead! Cinema workers’ lives will be made ten times harder as they deal with kids snorting drugs off sticky carpets and then tripping out and licking strangers’ eyeballs.

On TV, Skins has been successful and has recently finished its third outing. It could have been a potential tits-up in the making as producers decided to sack the original cast that established the show. Why, we?re not overly sure but it did seem a bit obvious seeing that the characters were all buggering off to university or taking up a life of prostitution.

With series three, we were introduced to a cast of characters who were just as diverse and strange as the ones they followed. We saw lesbianism, virginity-stealing, house parties spiralling out of control, shagging, girly violence, more shagging and plenty of pills being swallowed. Or MDMA put in to cakemix.

How a one-off Skins film will work is unclear at this point. Usually, all of the plotlines are all interlinked but share the same love for snorting something or getting a shandy at the pub. Perhaps for 90 minutes the two casts will be reunited and they?ll sit in a field getting wasted.

Of course, due to everyone being pretty spaced out, the characters may start to have their minds opened up. They question the theories written by Stephen Hawking, rewrite Einstein?s law of relativity and start to draw up blueprints on how to build a flying car. But of course, we don?t know that. Actually, we know bugger all about anything related to a Skins film. All we have is The Guradian?s quote sparking fear into us that the thing might actually happen:

?The broadcaster said that Film4 and Company Pictures, the independent producer that makes the show, were in “preliminary talks” about a big screen spin-off.?

Who knows, they could make it really weird by getting Dev Patel in it. Because he?s a technical Oscar winner now, he could arrive back in Bristol where Skins is set and start harping on about being all successful.

Or probably not.

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  1. says

    I know people in their 20s that like Skins. Their 20s!

    Still, there’s enough self-important inane bloody nonsense in the cinemas at the moment that I’m pretty sure this post is the first and last time I’ll hear of this.

  2. Ironlung says

    however it does allow the sale of persil to teenagers for magnificant profits.

    check out my solid gold shoes. eh? eh?

  3. KartofflMuter says

    Wow. I’ve been in my 20’s -almost 3 times now-and I like Skins. So what? How will I know what the kids are up to if I do keep up myself? I also watch the video channels on occasion. Kanye is an arrogant git. SouthPark is my friend. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Shakespeare. And I’d love to have Patel back. He’s very talented.

  4. Chloe says

    I love Skins! It’s a much more accurate portrayal of teenage life than most supposedly “teenage” programmes on tv are; yes, it’s exaggerated, for entertainment’s sake, but so is just about everything on tv!
    I’m still not sure about the film idea though…it could be really good, or it could be a disaster, especially if they have to make it more mainstream to appeal to a wider audience…
    But I love Skins! And also, the majority of teenagers aren’t stupid enough to copy everything they see on TV…

  5. Abi says

    I don’t see the need to over exaggerate the idea of a skins film being the end of the world. Kids don’t watch it beacuse it’s about pill popping teenagers they aspire to be, but because it’s story lines are interesting and unigue.
    As far as I know “lesbianism”, shagging and house parties aren’t abnormal experiences, and play a big part in a lot of your average teenager’s lives which they can relate to.

  6. tammy says

    omfg ! please make a skins film , xD its the best show on earth in my openion , and yeah im 18 and i can relate to skins ,i love being a teenager Ha !! i hope the film is not to mainstream tho i guess , it should b as the season 1 and 2 ,… not so much 3 but its still good xD … ihope maxxi is in it =] \../

  7. luke says

    skins actually is what teens lifes are like, im 16 growing up and my friends do drugs coke bubble weed e’s etc i drink and have had underage sex, so i think you need to open youe eyes and look at the people around you not look back 50 years when you were a child, i think it is going to be great and love skins

  8. College Student says

    I have friends in college who lead crazy lives but still love the show. Just because you like to party too doesn’t mean you can’t have time to/ enjoy the show. Everyone is so cynical these days. Also the show isn’t just about drunken teenagers. I mean generation 2 seems to glorify the bad stuff a lot but the original skins didnt glorify all the drugs and sex. If you watched the show you would know it got them all in trouble.

  9. Jess says

    Im a 15 year old girl that watches and really enjoys skins. But seriously, unlike what you have been saying.. it shows the dangers and risks that you are taking by the missuse of drugs and more than that.. it has put me off drugs all together. (Even though all my mates drink, I still dont by my own choice).

    So, before you go saying that Skins is setting a bad example.. its actually educating the teenagers and young adults whilst displaying an amazing show full of drama.
    For example, every time they missused drugs, something bad happens.

    Also, I just recentely watched episode five in series four. And lets face it, you cant get more realistic then that (Having had my own brother go through what Effy is suffering from Bypolar Depression I know how serious it is. Not something that would make me bang my head with a blunt object. Really.)
    thats just obviously telling you that illegal drugs and alchahol aint good for you!
    There are so many more deeper things in Skins.. and its great that its there.. its like a fun PSHE lesson that kids will actually listen to. Only really REALLY stupid ’12 yr olds’ will take it the wrong way.. they shouldnt even be watching it in the first place at only twelve..
    Ill admit it, I think some characters are cool. But quite messed up. Im not going to admire and become like them!

  10. Will says

    I’m a 16 year old boy and although you seem to think it is normal teenage activity to be in a study group, to help the elderly and to grow organic vegetables i honestly don’t know anyone that does that. as for drug abuse, shagging, boozing and crying i’ve been to at least 4 parties in the last month where everyone of these things were very major parts of the parties, obviously skins is slightly more extreme but i know a lot more teenagers that are like the characters portrayed in skins than are like the image you have given of them

  11. Cara says

    Will, I agree. “be in a study group, to help the elderly and to grow organic vegetables” – I’m a 16 year old girl at college, and no know one my age who does any of these things.

    The characters on Skins are pretty much like normal teenagers, and the things they get up to – “shagging, lesbianism, house parties, drugs” (which are apparently, according to you, abnormal, out of control things) are hardly out of the norm, and are things that most of us as teenagers have experienced.

    I’ll admit that, yes, Skins is more exaggerated. It’s for the purpose of entertainment. Also, there is never more than 10 episodes covering a year of their lives – it’s hardly going to waste time showing them doing their coursework, is it? They cut those things out and show the interesting parts. Although I have to say, it’s getting less realistic as it goes on – I mean, one of the characters recently got murdered with a baseball bat – come on Skins, you can do better than that.

    All in all though, it’s the most realistic teen drama around. It doesn’t glorify drink and drugs as you say, it shows them being used in the same way that they are used in real life by teens. The ‘mdma in the cakemix’ which you’ve insinuated is somewhat ridiculous, is actually a pretty regular occurance. Although, most people don’t do drugs as frequently as the Skins characters due to lack of money (some people do though). It doesn’t show it as good or bad – sometimes bad things happen because of the drugs and sometimes the drugs don’t have any bad effect. In real life, I’ve had friends that have died whilst on drugs. I have friends who do drugs everyday and are completely fine. Skins shows that.

    And what I dislike about these negative reviews of Skins, is that they refer to Skins as being all about sex, drugs, alcohol and causing trouble. But it’s not at all. It’s about the characters, their problems, their relationships with their families and each other, and their struggles as they grow up – in case you’ve forgotten, it’s not easy being a teenager. I’m not saying it’s easy being any other age, but sometimes people forget that teenagers have it hard too. Skins shows teenagers for who they are and their problems and feelings. The partying side of it is just there to show their lifestyle – it’s not what the show is about. So maybe if you took it seriously and actually properly watched it, you’d understand.

    Sorry. Rant over.

  12. dboy says

    i think you will actually find, this IS what a lot of teenagers’ lives are like. speaking for myself and my friends at least..
    i hope they make a film, it would be fucking awesome!

  13. Alex says

    Gosh, offending the daily mail, this is just like when they started letting immigrants in, women got the vote, and young people stopped keeping quiet.

  14. Dave says

    series 2 and 3 continued where 1 left off, ridiculous programme relying heavily on graphic sex and drugs to prop up its weak plot and character development (although there was a vaguely psychologically interesting subplot of Tony’s changing psyche in series 1)

    However give series 4 a chance and watch it through, ok it still has the same problems at times but it is brilliant. It is innovative with sound and visuals and has good character development, although Jack O’Connell does hold the thing together at times. It is also one of the only things in mainstream media to reject the sickeningly sentimental toned down and happy endings we are becoming increasingly used to, the ‘disney’ ending. At least one of the main characters is butchered to death by a psycotic psychotherapist.

  15. says

    Alright, way to go there, you’ve gone and dissed a fantastic television programme (one of the best on the pathetic line-up of this generation) and then suggested that its largest viewer demographic is that of twelve year-old girls, at once undermining the BBFC’s ability to regulate content and the show’s particular appeal to late teens such as myself. You’re an arrogant bastard and based on your writing style in this article, you seem to be some kind of wannabe television critic that’s missing the point by trying too hard and trying to put down an outstanding piece of television.

  16. Maddy says

    Uh, what kind of teenagers are you hanging out with? Helping the elderly? What planet do you live on? Newsflash, teenagers DO all that boozing and shagging. Did you grow up under a rock?

  17. Benny says

    Its meant to be messed up it reminds us normal people that our lives are not nearly as messed up as we think

  18. Lara says

    I am a 15 year old girl and would love to see a skins movie. Both me and my best friend love skins so much, and would love to see a film all about it, it would be so brilliant and extremely entertaining.

    Teenagers aren’t stupid enough to copy them after they see the fights that drug and alcohol abuse can get you into, so it is actually teaching us a valuable life lesson!

    Teenagers DON’T help the elderly OR grow organic veg, seriously you need to re-think that!

    And finally, I LOVE SKINS!

  19. Anna says

    get fucked! skins in epic. everyone at my school LOVES it, besides, it is made for teenagers and to interest us so if you don’t like it, don’t watch it…if you have nothing better to do than to maon about the fact you think it’s shit, then you are sad. write about loing something rathger than cussing it, don’t be so sour. skins is amazing anyway, especially emily+naomi <3 can't wait for the film!

  20. zlabya says

    I’m 15 years old and I really enjoy skins,with mad men it’s really one of the best series that I know ( but I only talk about the first generation because I really didn’t liked so much season 3 and 4). Honestly, it doesn’t really reflect my life, it’s a complete exageration from what I know but I this article is complete bullshit and reading this let me really feel unconfortable and nauseous! A TV show or a movie (or any kind of art and entertainment) is not ment to be an example!!! If you consider things like that, you can forget most of the most beautiful movies of all time, and go back watching some great serie where everybody is so nice or better some good old propaganda movies! Work, family and homeland, everything is there!
    Skins is not really the kind of serie that the 12 years old looool people you’re talking about watchs the most: Thoses one prefer to watch things like the Jonas brothers, Twilight, High school musical or gossip girl, you’ld like it- less sex, no reflection, less drugs taking… Skins is really deeper than that, it let you feel so much things, the characters are always much more complex than what they seems to be.
    Still, I hope the movie will be good- and I hope that Cassie and Sid will play in it!:)

  21. Penny says

    I love Skins just like a lot of other people and I can say from personal experience and of the experiences of most of the people I know that are about this age that it is a pretty accurate portrayal of what life is like. And although it is not totally accurate people should be able to work out that it is exaggerated for the purposes of TV as it is a drama.

  22. Hinglebert says

    FUCK YOU! Your article is just penis dribble- go and shuv’ your daily mail up your arse. then actually watch an episode of skins you cynical idiot… I

  23. Jason says

    LMAO U LIFELESS GEEK!!! I’m sure you actually think all teenage kids study all fucking day, have perfect relationships, and grow up to be successful, boring adults like yourself. But the fact of the matter is that you grew up in the whitest fucking neighborhood ever and had no life at all! For fucks sake, even here in America kids are boozing up and getting toked like crazy. Therefore these Bristol Bad asses should be 10x as insane. Now before you lose your panties, let me say that I’m not proving that there are no kids that study and become successful and get a job, like you (Although I would call this more of a “Job”). I’m just saying who the fuck would want to watch a stupid movie with you as the main character. I can’t even imagine that. It would be the SADDEST movie ever, do u know why? Because you would be sitting all day at your moms house, reading comic books, going on the computer, and your never gonna get laid Laidlow(Oh and if you did, g4u i bet he was really attractive). Thats ok though, I feel for you bra because now that your like 40 or something (IDK you sound like your 60, but i wanna make u feel better) you cant go back and make your life any more exciting. You can’t change the best times of your life. You KNOW for sure that you loved being a kid compared to being an adult and u already wish that you could try again, but you cant. So guess what that makes you? A LIFELESS GEEK.
    Ps. If you don’t kill yourself after reading this, post up anything and ill be glad to put you into more depression.

  24. JaSon Of Lucifer says


    The real question is, why do people want a show which so strongly revolves around anti-intellectualism?

    And it’s not necessarily wanting perfect relationships, just not dumb ones like “im gona go kill miself coz dis guy i lyk duzznt like me bak”

    If you think “that’s what being a teenager is about” you are completely stinky, slimy scum. Just because someone is a teenager does not mean they have to be mindless and not think about anything other than their high libido or drug taking.

    And Jason, you are highly homophobic, presumably trying to overcompensate your masculinity, what other reason would a heterosexual man insult/hate homosexuals unless they enjoy gang banging and are missing out on recruiting another member? You don’t deserve two sacks, I would hate to imagine any lady friend or child having to live with you.

    And your use of the word “nerd” just proves you’re against any form of intelligence. Maybe you feel threatened because you are stupid and mindless.

  25. Ben says

    seriously, get out more, most teenagers lives are like skins, and ppl watch it cos it is a gr8 program 2 get stoned while wacthing. your just anuther stuck up nerd. and to all the fogies – just cos u had shit childhoods doesnt mean we do, ur just gonna have 2 admit that skins mite as well be a documentory

  26. Ha says

    Those aren’t even big words you dim-witted scumbag, what are you like 14? If you are maybe you’d get away with being mislead by a disgusting show such as that, but even then you mustn’t be the brightest 14 year old.
    Poor grammar is not going to support your defence for Skins, and your accusations about sexual experiences certainly does not prove anything, except that you are a sad, sad loser.
    The fact that someone is more intelligent than you doesn’t automatically make them a virgin and you are just a hypersexualised idiot, clearly.

    The characters are abhorrent pieces of filth and I f***ing hate it because it’s the epitome of western culture and in turn brainwashes idiots like yourself into being more mindless and if possible more stupid.

  27. REALIST-TEEN says

    I’m almost fifteen and I find Skins is the most realistic teennage drama on telly ! Clearly you need to get out and see the real world ! ‘Cause that’s what it’s like, love, to quote: “shagging, lesbianism, house parties, drugs.” yeah, all of these things DO happen, and, to be quite frank the majority of people at my school are more likely to be doing these things rather than

  28. Feels sorry for you-teen says

    Most of you can’t read “It WOULDN’T make for good viewing if the characters all had study groups, helped the elderly and grew their own organic vegetables.” WOULDN’T WOULDN’T WOULDN’T!
    Maybe you are being realistic, there must be lots of teens with nothing else to do with their lives other than ingesting substances they know nothing about, exchanging crabs having a little whinge about how their lives are so miserable.
    Don’t others see this as a problem, people seeing being void of any thoughts other than “my ***** needs attention” as being cool as?
    Is that all there is to these sexually frustrated teens? I mean who would spend what half an hour watching other people do all this stuff if their lives were so good?

  29. Curtis says

    I’m 19 and at University, and (SPOILER ALERT) while I’ll admit no one I know has been murdered by their girlfriend’s therapist I can attest and say that Skins portrayal of teenage life is pretty accurate with its drug and alcohol consumption and also teenagers fuck… a lot. The only thing I can say that was unrealistic was how fast the characters “fall in love,” but I guess that could be because they’re young and any type of real feelings that they have for someone else MUST BE LOVE. Kids are stupid, hell I’m still pretty fucking stupid. I still relate to Skins maybe even more so now that I’ve been in University and am older.