Sheen/Richards Divorce: Denise With Sambora Now?

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There’s been yet another set of insane twists in the saga of the most unlikely Hollywood couple of 2002. That was the year Wild Things superhottie Denise Richards & general batshit crazebot Charlie Sheen got married in an event which had 98% of the English speaking world rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

Until earlier this year when Denise Richards came to her attractive senses and filed for divorce. And then the real madness started…   

So it went down like this; Heather Locklear leaves her husband, ancient Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Heather once worked on the ‘Amusing until Michael J. Fox was replaced by Charlie Sheen’ sitcom Spin City with Charlie Sheen. Incidentally the set of that show is also where the improbable Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen partnership began.

So now Locklear has hooked up with stoner comedian David Spade and thus bewilderment has struck the world again. Is she really going out with him? Apparently so, and in some kind of ironic meander on the path of destiny, Denise herself has been cavorting with the ex of Locklear, Mr. Sambora.    

So we all have to feel sorry for Charlie Sheen, who seems to have been left out of this bizarre wife swap experiment in favour of the guy who wrote and starred in Joe Dirt. Except for the fact we all know that Charlie was cut out of the orgy because of his alleged obsession with pornography, 9/11 conspiracy theories, gambling, prescription medicine, a tricky association with a dead porn star and an apparent desire to kill a wife who was so out of his league the FA had ordered an official investigation.

These people expect us to respect their privacy and then go and get involved in an insane mess like this that puts The OC writers to shame. Unfortunately it seems like douchebags will carry on scoring with hot chicks, it’s the kind of thing that keeps the world turning.

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[story by Jo Gudgeon]