Sharon Stone’s Mental Breakdown Continues

Sharon Stone mental auction elton johnWhat is it with these celeb-types at the moment? First they become famous sheerly by being moderately talented at singing or dancing or appearing on reality TV shows. Then they decide to latch onto mental instability as thought its some crazy new fad they're testing out.

Case in point: babbling bald Britney Spears and her in-out-in-out rehab antics. Like a Tom And Jerry cartoon writ large, except with more weeping and possible social services involvement.

Better case in point? Lovely Ms. Stone.

That's Sharon Stone, by the way. And not perky young soul diva Joss – whose short-skirted display at the Brit Awards earlier this month sent various members of the hecklerspray staff off to the broom cupboard to do some 'special research'.

Oh no – we're referring to the Razzie-winning Basic Instinct 2 actress who – not content with insulting some Germans at a charity auction last week – decided to attend a post-Oscars party, get absolutely sozzled and then blow $250,000 on two tickets to Elton John's 60th birthday party.

Christ – we've had a few regretful hungover mornings in our time, but nothing as bad as that.

Sharon apparently sauntered up to collect her purchase and announced:

"I've been sitting at my table with P. Diddy and Jon Bon Jovi, and I'm a little messed up." 

Not the most surprising of statements, really… with dinner-party company like that, we're pretty sure the most well-adjusted person in the world would have been downing wine-coolers at the rate of 30 a second to escape the sheer hideousness that surrounded them.

The question remains, however: will Sharon Stone be able to escape actually attending this party? Probably not – once you sift out that kind of money, it kind of leaves your options somewhat limited.

There's always a bright side, though. Just think: Elton could have a brief moment of ironic self-awareness and get William Shatner to repeat this legendary performance of Rocket Man.

More likely, however, is that Elty-chops will do it himself. Which is quite frankly fucking rubbish.

Sorry, Sharon. You will keep doing this…

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  1. Lloyd's Flannel says

    I get your point, bur effectively donating quarter of a million dollars to charity isn’t really a sign of mental instability, is it? She IS pretty mental, though

  2. Concern Fan says

    (Please someone help Sharon Stone!) I think Sharon has been depressed. She normally doesn’t drink. There’s a red flag right here ! Laugh all you want, but something is dreadrully wrong her!!