Sharon Stone Bigs Up Collymore’s Finger-Sucking Skills

When it was first announced that Sharon Stone was to star in Basic Instinct 2, people weren’t really surprised – after all, Sharon Stone is only really good at taking her pants off in films.

But then the disgusting truth about Basic Instinct 2 came out: no, not that it was to be filmed in London, not that Sharon Stone’s vagina probably looks like a seven-year-old plastic bag poking out of a manky cupboard by now, but that one of Sharon’s Basic Instinct 2 co-stars was to be former footballer and all-round creepo Stan Collymore. But Sharon Stone has nothing but praise for girl-hitting, car-park sex-watching Collymore.

The world premiere of Sharon Stone (DVDs) "Look, I’ve got my vag out! Now
let’s never talk about Catwoman again,"
movie Basic Instinct 2: Risk
took place last night in Leicester Square. The plot of Basic
Instinct 2
follows Sharon Stone basically whipping her knickers off and
having sex with that bloke from Fanny & Elvis a lot.

We know this much because the unrated trailer for Basic Instinct 2
has been online forever. And now that we’ve seen a montage of all the
sexy bits, we don’t really feel the need to actually pay to see it in a
cinema. But there’s a new level of intruige to Basic Instinct 2 that
was only hinted at in the trailer. Sharon Stone co-stars with Stan
Collymore, the former footballer who beat up Ulrika Jonsson in a pub, then
tried to sell a sex tape of her, then admitted that he liked to go
dogging in his spare time.

Stan Collymore and Sharon Stone spend the opening scenes of Basic
Instinct 2
having it off in a speeding car, before Sharon kills Stan by
crashing the car into a river. The couple did their own stunts for the
scene, and it was during an experience when Stone’s stiletto got jammed
in the submerged car that started Sharon Stone blowing Stan Collymore’s
trumpet. So to speak:

"Working with Stan was extraordinary. He is the
loveliest, most chivalrous, most charming and most professional person.
And because of that, when this incident happened, I felt really
confident that we would get out of it… We were each other’s life support to make that scene work and to
survive what was a really dangerous stunt. There’s no one I would have
felt safer with than Stan."

Lucky the car was underwater and not in a dodgy rural car park at 2am, Sharon. Or, um, in a Paris bar. Or something.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]