Shakira Without Makeup

Shakira Looking Good

Columbian singer and sex goddess, Shakira, has a very big year ahead of her. Not only is the 35-year old Grammy-winner?replacing?Christina Aguilera on the next season of NBC’s The Voice, but also, to the dismay of men world-wide, she is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend professional football player, Gerard Piqu?. Those hips are going to be out of commission for a few months at least.

While she’s very petite, Shakira has a definite swagger that must come from knowing every man on earth wants to nail her. She has made a career off of gyrating suggestively and singing badly, but she does not seem as pathetic as others in that category. She has?noticably more?poise?than, say, Britney Spears, and she manages to transform that?confidence into a moderately less skanky?image. As a testament to her self-assurance, Shakira is often seen in public without being fully made up, and why not, because Shakira without makeup looks every bit as gorgeous as she does with makeup.

Shakira Without Makeup

In the first photo?of Shakira with a bare face, she looks very beautiful. From this close up and without the assistance of photoshop, she does look her age, even with that stupid hat. You can see some wrinkling and creasing around her mouth and forehead, and her hair could use a deep conditioning, but overall she really is gorgeous.

Perhaps it’s her pregnant glow, but Shakira also looks great in the next photo of her without makeup. She does not appear to be bothered about being caught on camera without her face on. She looks perky and fresh-faced, ready to eat a couple of oranges, or maybe do a quick juggling routine. Her music is terrible, but Shakira is extremely beautiful with or without makeup.

Shakira Without Makeup


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