Selena Gomez Stalker Asks For Permanent Restraining Order ? Amazing Scenes

Stalkers of genuinely interesting people who warrant obsessive behaviour were thought to be applauding the actions of Thomas Brodnicki last night, as the aforementioned botherer of Selena Gomez asked for permanent, legally-binding non-contact with a woman few people have actually heard of.

There had apparently been genuine fear amongst the terrifying community of medicated borderline-schizophrenics that their actions would be belittled if someone were to grab headlines for stalking somebody virtually-unknown.

Fortunately Thomas has recently requested that the temporary restraining order granted against him last year be extended indefinitely, presumably to prevent him from the further embarrassment of pestering someone non-famous as all his mental friends mock him with infra-red images of the inside of Angelina Jolie?s house and long-lens footage of Daniel Craig tea-bagging Rachel Weisz. We imagine.

For the purposes of research, hecklerspray conducted an in-depth interview with some bored-looking people in our nearest Costa regarding the exact nature of Selena Gomez?s celebrity and the best anyone could come-up with was ?is she that one who looks like a perplexed kitten?? and ?erm, something to do with Justin Beiber??

The jury is still out as to the exact nature of Selena Gomez?s fame, as it is the continuing nature of Brodnicki?s restraining order.

But perhaps he has seen the light. The light of true fame, and will be away stalking an actual well-known person.

hecklerspray will keep you updated.

Not that we condone any of this.