Selena Gomez Loses Her Damn Mind and Gets Back with Bieber


Oh good! Selena Gomez has potentially decided to give it another go with Justin Bieber. I couldn’t be happier! SAID NO ONE EVER! I thought Selena Gomez had really come a long way. Her and Biebs have been over for what seems like ages, she’s looking hot, her music is fun, but apparently she wanted to fuck up the whole and start hanging out with this junior douche bag again.

I never thought I’d say this, but where the fuck is Taylor Swift when you need her? Usually I just want to tell that girl to shut her pie hole, but we all know there is no way she is approving of this shit. Come talk some sense into your girl, Swifty!


The other day, Selena was spotted cruising around town with Bieber. No, they were cruising in a fancy car. Nope, not even a shitty car. NOT EVEN ON BIKES, THEY WERE ON FUCKING SEGWAYS! Are you kidding me?! They were spotted riding stupid goddamn segways around The Oaks, a gated community in Calabasas where Biebs currently resides, and apparently caused a traffic?jam.

A guy who I assume lives in the area, Nick Sanitsky, tweeted this (and the above pics)?about the segway traffic jam (what a ridiculous thing to type):

Bieber and Selena segwaying in the Oaks. She was so nice, so he yelled at us. Shoutout to @justinbieber for holding up all the traffic in the Oaks. Grow up…Thanks to @justinbieber told us to f*** off, and his bodyguards blocked the road, so hello to my new followers! Gotta admit, I was kinda starstruck by @selenagomez but @justinbieber ruined the moment.

Justin Bieber ruined something? I don’t believe it!

I know the private lives of celebrities?are not?really my business, but in my delusional mind this is allllll my business, and right now, Selena you have let me down, girl. You have let me down more than the movie Gravity (everyone made all those posts about how fucking great it was. Am I the only person who eye rolled into oblivion every time Sandra Bullock made one of those stupid ass speeches? “It was one hell of a ride”? Yes, I’ll have a side order of shut the fuck up).

I think we allllllll know how this reunion makes me feel: