See The Trailer For Justin Bieber’s Pointless 3D Documentary!

Documentaries and biopics are usually at their best when there’s a rise, fall and comeback element to them. The whole ‘things were going really well until I started to hit the hard stuff and believe my own hype… but now I’m back!’ really works, no matter how hackneyed.

So what about the the ‘birth, rise and… well… here we are’ Justin Bieber documentary that is hitting the cinemas next year? In 3D no less!

Justin Bieber is roughly 3 hours old, so how a studio has managed to spin it into a full length cinema release is beyond us. And we’ve got the trailer here.

However, someone has indeed managed it and THE DAY YOU HAVE LONGED, WISHED AND HOPED FOR IS FINALLY HERE!


Of course, that segment in caps is from the press release, which is weird because, if you’re a Justin Bieber fan, then chances are, you’re a pubeless little placentic blob, who really hasn’t had the chance to develop a rudimentary sense of yearning and longing.

All you know is that you want pocket money and you want to spend it on Justin Bieber nail polish.

Anyway, this new documentary is called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never! which is stupid because, if you never say never, then this film is actually called ‘Justin Bieber: Say’, and that doesn’t make a blind bit of sense. Then again, neither does the popularity of a singer who is fundamentally the same as a gentleman’s deposit in the end of a condom.


Here’s the trailer for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never for all you filthy Bieberphiles out there.

UK release date: April 1st 2011

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  1. Izzy says

    pointless really! if anything is pointless its this website.never the less,I think Justin is an Amazing Aritist he’s grown alot if people can’t handle him then don’t watch him!
    simple as that its not rocket science people!!!

  2. says

    Stop hating on Justin Bieber. A lot of girls like him and they don’t find what he is doing pointless. This is his life story, so respect it. Would you like it if someone laughed at you for your upbringing? This is as bad a bullying. I know you won’t but I hope you reflect on what you said. That was rude and out of line. What’s overall pointless was reading what you had to say. I did it anyway to voice my opinions. I don’t digg this article at all.

  3. Izzy's Mom says

    Izzy go finish your homework and stop posting here. Maybe when you grow up you’ll get a clue.

  4. cloclo says

    He wants to tell his life , story , Kinda lame that people are kinda picking on Justin Bieber , If he want’s to share his life story then let that happen . Ok some people hate the guy , so keep your thought’s to your self . Sometime’s I wonder why he got famous in the first place , cause he get’s picked on alot especially on you tube .

  5. Cookie Monster says

    The final three syllables made me cry with joy, laughter, and the sheer delight of their perfection.