Scott Weiland Vs Velvet Revolver: The Inevitable Whiny Retort

Scott Weiland Velvet Revolver Statement SackedYou know what's better than Scott Weiland publicly lashing out at his Velvet Revolver bandmates who just sacked him? Nothing.

Alright, maybe that's an overstatement – Velvet Revolver never having even existed in the first place is clearly better than that – but Scott Weiland being all whiny in public will do for now.

Scott Weiland has put out an angry, confusing statement about his dismissal from Velvet Revolver where, at one point, he tips Johann Sebastian Bach to become his replacement. Which would work – dig up the 250-year-dead Bach, pump him full of heroin, slap a ridiculous Nazi hat onto his mouldy corpse head and he'd be the spitting image of Scott Weiland. Alright, he actually meant Sebastian Bach from Skid Row. But that's less funny so we'll ignore it.

Like many people, we never really saw the point of Velvet Revolver. We never wondered what some of Guns N' Roses would sound like if a skinny heroin addict sang their songs instead of a tubby ginger bloke with dreadlocks, and we certainly didn't want to hear them perform any Pink Floyd cover versions.

But, now that the current incarnation of Velvet Revolver is splitting up, we've finally discovered what the band means to us. Moderate hilarity, that's what. Everything Velvet Revolver did was brilliant. If Coldplay got banned from Japan, for example, or Chris Martin crashed his car on drugs or Gwyneth Paltrow burnt his clothes, it wouldn't be especially funny. But that's only because Chris Martin doesn't dress up as a heroin-blasted Nazi onstage. That makes everything funny.

Funnier still was yesterday's news that Velvet Revolver was sacking Scott Weiland for being weird. Admittedly the news that Scott Weiland was going to reform Stone Temple Pilots in his new-found free time was less funny – the world generally needs a Stone Temple Pilots reunion like it needs to be kicked down a lift shaft by a nun – but Scott's done his best to make up for it.

Why? Because he's responded to his sacking with the most deranged, froth-mouthed statement you're ever likely to hear. Here it is, in full. Thank us later:

After reading the comment by Duff, Matt, Dave and the illustrious "GUITAR HERO," Saul Hudson, a.k.a Slash, I find it humorous that the so called four "founding members" of Velvet Revolver, better known to themselves as "the Project" before I officially named the band, would decide to move on without me after I had already claimed the group dead in the water on March 20 in Glasgow. In response to Slash's comment regarding my commitment, I have to say it is a blatant and tired excuse to cover up the truth. The truth of the matter is that the band had not gotten along on multiple levels for some time. On a musical level, there were moments of joy, inspiration, fun… at times, but let's not forget the multiple trips to rehab every member of the band had taken (with the exception of one member, no need to mention his name). Personally speaking, I choose to look forward to the future and performing with a group of friends I have known my entire life, people who have always had my back. This also speaks to my commitment to my music and my fellow band mates in STP and to the fans who I feel would much rather watch a group of musicians who enjoy being together as opposed to a handful of discontents who at one time used to call themselves a gang.

p.s. don't be fooled by veiled trickery

p.p.s good hunting lads, I think Sebastian Bach would be a fantastic choice.

Oh, paranoid heroin-addled conspiracy theorists, where would we be without you? But still, now that both Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland have got their sides of the story across, perhaps this means they'll be able to get on with their lives in peace again.

Pah, where's the fun in that? Hey Slash, are you going to sit there and let Scott Weiland insult you like that? You're not going to react? That's rubbish – call him a bastard. Call him an arse-helmet. Call him anything you like, just do it in public. You can't allow something as beautiful as this awkward squabble to die, can you?

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  1. Anoymus says

    Fuck you you fuckin’ prick. Velvet Revolver where the best thing that happend to music this centuray. Oh and Slash wont respond in public because not as patehetic or childish as Scott or you. Grow you stupid dumass motherfucker.

  2. euclid says

    Annoymouse! Fantastic! You rock! You rule! You are
    the man of the centuray, the manta ray and the X-ray!

    You’re so right! Scott is patehectic, but don’t worry, I think
    he’s seeing a specialist and it should all grow back soon.
    Stress is a bitch, right?

    I am confused about your reference to the author of the three musketeers,
    that must be a mouse thing, but still, Right On! Fuckin’ fuck man, FUCK!

  3. Stuart Heritage says

    Oh YEAH! That’s the good stuff. Now Weiland needs to set fire to a bag of dog muck and throw it at Slash’s window.

  4. Rob Delaney says

    … which member’s not been in rehab? Is it the really dull “other” guitarist who’s not Slash, Duff or the overly coiffed drummer (who, incidentally, I always thought was a bit too “hair metal” for GNR)?

    Anoymus: RIGHT ON! Fuck fuckity nice fucking one!

  5. gir says


    What good would it do to throw it at his window? How will he come out and see it on fire and stomp on it and get hot poo all over his shoes? I swear, Stuart, you really need to think these things through.

  6. Stuart Heritage says

    Um… wait… the window’s open and the bag goes through the open winow and lands on Scott Weiland’s dinner table where he’s eating Christmas dinner with his elderly family and the hot shit lands on the Christmas pudding when nobody’s looking and they all think it’s Christmas pudding and they all eat it and die.

    Didn’t that come across very clearly before?

  7. gir says

    Ha. Weiland’s a junkie, you think he hasn’t eaten a little shit before? At least this time it will be hot.

  8. IronEddie says

    The drug-abusing prick is right on one point: Seb Bach is a perfect and far superior replacement for his worthless ass.

  9. Neil says

    Fuck Scott Weiland. He’s a good singer, and VR and STP are both great bands IMO, but seriously, he’s a scrawny little punk. Fuck him, especially after how he ran his mouth at Matt Sorum