Scarlett Johansson Officially Sexiest Woman In The World

Scarlett Johansson has been voted number one sexiest woman in the whole world by readers of FHM magazine. Actress With The Longest Run Of Disappointing Films, possibly – but sexiest woman?

Still, who are we to argue with the readers of FHM magazine? If they say that Scarlett Johansson is the world’s sexiest woman, then Scarlett Johansson is the world’s sexiest woman. If only we could shake the feeling that FHM readers would have voted for a gorilla in a tutu and a top hat if it had big enough boobs…

Scarlett Johansson (DVDs) may have starred in a range of awful films, from
The Island to Match Point to Home Alone 3, but at least she is scooping
some awards – like the FHM Sexiest Woman In The World award. Who knows why
Scarlett Johansson gained this prestigious honour? Maybe it was due to
her intense, nuanced performance in Girl With A Pearl Earring, or maybe
it was because she took her top off for a magazine with Keira Knightley last month.

Either way, it’s official: Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest woman
in the world. And, in between shuddering at the thought of all the 15-year-old chavs around the world who spend most of their lives
pumping away at themselves while imagining her running about without a
bra on,
Scarlett Johansson took the time to put together this statement:

“One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy. I’d like to thank FHM’s readers for the huge

Making up the ranks of the world’s sexiest women are baby Pitt incubator Angelina Jolie, Playboy hating Jessica Alba, special-breasted orange transvestite Jessica Simpson, Scarlett’s naked covergirl pal Keira KnightleyCatwoman‘s Halle Berry, menstrual blood-dripping Jenny McCarthy, jailbait tennis star Maria Sharapova, pointless Carmen Electra and victim of child abuse Teri Hatcher. Speaking of the sexy girl success of Scarlett Johansson, FHM‘s US editor Scott Gramling said:

remarkable how Scarlett Johansson has
caught the attention of our readers. Her sultry voice and
striking beauty certainly have a lot to do with that, but so does the
confidence she exudes. She seems to be one of those women who would be
equally at ease on the red carpet as she would just hanging out with
the guys.”

Don’t forget to bet on the sexiest soap girl, either!

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[story by Stuart Heritage]


  1. says

    Umm, you are full of it. Watch that flick where she’s lolligagging around the Tokyo Park Hyatt with Bill Murray and tell me she’s not the hottest thing since the ’69 Mets. She can do this creaking middle-aged frame any time she wants.

  2. Patrick says

    Scarlett Johansson is not beautiful, she has a nice carriage but has the face of Paris Hilton who is a mutt…..