Salma Hayek Without Makeup

salma hayek

Salma Hayek is a Mexican-American film actress who gained popularity working in American Independent Cinema during her early career. Since, she has built a reputation as a big industry player, even adding the titles “Director” and “Producer” to her resume.

Besides being a power player in the film industry, she’s also no slouch in the looks department. There is no denying this pint-sized woman’s beauty truly packs a punch. It’s no surprise, then, that Ms. Hayek has not only been the face for Revlon and Avon cosmetics, but has also launched her own cosmetics brand sold at CVS stores.

So, what does the face that launched it’s own cosmetics line look like without makeup on?

Salma Hayek No Makeup

The face looks exhausted. The picture above does not resemble the dewy, fresh, elegant Hayek we are so used to seeing. No, the picture above depicts a run down, middle-aged haus frau who desperately needs to get away from the kids and kick off her Crocs. Yikes! It’s hard to tell if the top photo is years before or just weeks, but either way, this is a sad sight to see. Is this the face of a makeup line maven or the face of her overworked older sister/assistant at whom she’s constantly screeching demands?

Salma Hayek Without Makeup

To say that she looks more rested in this photo, is the only positive that comes to mind. If it’s light makeup and hair day, perhaps you want to skip grandma’s knit beret. We know your trendy, hipster friend, Daniel, told you it was “totes adorbs” but you should have given this to good will with the rest of Abuela’s old clothes. Once you ditch the hat, the fact that you have skipped the detail work on your face will only look like a minor oversight…assuming you washed your hair today.

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