Sacha Baron Cohen – Currently A Dictator – Probably Banned From Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen loves trolling America doesn’t he? He’s took swipes at all their prejudices. Racism, homophobia, Christianity, violence – they’ve all been poked at with a satire stick. Now, Cohen is The Dictator.?

Sweet Jeebus, is this the role that will finally see him being killed by someone or is he just too famous now?

Either way, Cohen is going to the Academy Awards this weekend. The Academy Awards is what pretentious halfwits call The Oscars. And, according to everyone, Cohen has not been banned from going… which of course means that he’s absolutely banned from attending.

US reports suggested that the star of (the sorely underrated) Borat had been told not to attend if he went dressed as a character in his new film. Basically, America doesn’t like it when people remind them of rulers from the Middle East, especially those that they like to arm first, and then kill.

An Academy spokesman said Cohen is welcome at the event, but it was not “appropriate” to use the Oscars to plug new film The Dictator.

It goes without saying that Cohen rarely leaves the house as himself, preferring to cause mischief in character. So will he go whole hog and storm his way into the awards in full dictator clobber? With a pretend bomb strapped to his chest?

That would be brilliant.

Cohen has an invite for his role in Oscar-nominated film Hugo, but of course, everyone is worried that he’s going to show up as his latest autocrat creation and make everyone puke with anger. And he will definitely want to promote a film that is about a man who?”risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.”

The Oscars spokesperson said:

“We don’t think it’s appropriate, but his tickets haven’t been pulled. We’re waiting to hear back.”

And what can we expect of The Dictator? Well, the trailer is below and Megan Fox is a prostitute. There’s also a few deaths as well.

Take a look and let us hope he does show up at the Oscars and gets arrested and shipped off to Guantanemo for the ultimate satirical payback.