Ryan Phillippe Gets All ‘Poor Me’ About Reese Witherspoon Divorce

Ryan Phillippe Reese Witherspoon Divorce Interview sadRemember when Reese Witherspoon got divorced from Ryan Phillippe and everyone thought it was because he was boning that other girl?

Us too, but it turns out that everyone was wrong about it – because Ryan Phillippe has just been interviewed in W Magazine and he revealed that he was so cut up about divorcing his vastly more successful wife that he literally didn't get out of bed for five months.

Also, according to Ryan Phillippe, "an outside person can never cause a divorce." So, lads, remember to keep that argument in mind for when your wife catches you boning other women. We hear that one's watertight from a legal perspective.

It must be hard being married to Reese Witherspoon. Partly because you'd have to wake up every morning thinking "That chin! What was I thinking?" and partly because she's an Oscar-winning A-list actress who – aside from that pants-looking Rendition movie she was in – can do no wrong while you're, well, you're just rubbish old Ryan Phillippe. 

Inevitably resentment is bound to set in at some point in that scenario, especially when you can tell that Reese is only faking her enthusiasm for Antitrust because she's too busy being America's Sweetheart. And that's why, when Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe split up after seven years of marriage, it wasn't really a surprise to learn that it was probably because Ryan was having it off with another woman.

That was over a year ago, though, and Ryan and Reese have managed to keep a dignified silence about the divorce throughout, which happens so infrequently these days that it has to be applauded. Or at least it would have to be applauded, except that Ryan Phillippe has decided to blab all about how the divorce made him all unhappy inside for a while. According to E! Online:

Ryan Phillippe calls his divorce from Reese Witherspoon, after seven years of marriage, "the darkest, saddest place I had ever been." The actor, 33, tells W magazine, "There were a good four or five months of not being able to get out of bed. It was the worst time in my life." But that was then. "You get through it," Phillippe says now. "It's a process that's not easy, but I get less and less sad about it every day" … The reason for the breakup was "far more complicated and far less interesting than it's made out to be. To look and search for these salacious reasons, to pin it on a person, or a moment in someone's life, it's not realistic."

A few points about the above:

1) Is it just us, or is clear that Ryan Phillippe is doing his best to weasel out of the fact that his marriage went down the toilet because he was having it off with another woman? 

2) He stayed in bed for five months because he was so sad? How must that have made the girl he was having it off with feel, since he stayed with her after he divorced Reese? Pretty lousy, we'd guess. Also, to what extent did Ryan stay in bed for five months? Did he get up eventually each day? Did he only get up for emergencies? What if he needed a poo? Did he just hang his bum off the side of the bed, or did he just go wherever he happened to be lying? We need to know these very important points.

3) The divorce was "the darkest, saddest place I had ever been." Oh really? Try going to Chatham, pal.

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  1. Ned Allen says

    Wow what a mean vindictive article. In any marriage, dissolution happens over time and for a number of reasons. Maybe due to circumstances that you just don’t know about. She might be cute and on air nice, but who knows her own inner demons? The real victims are the kids. But they seem to be doing well and both parents are interested in their kids and they certainly don’t have to worry about finances like most kids of divorce have to face. Divorce is unfortunately so common these days, especially for a young Hollywood couple. They don’t seem like immoral people. They handled the split well, all things considering. Split up or not these are two young regular people who happen to be in the entertainment industry. Lots of money and fame but subject to dumb crap like your article. Quid pro quo. Get a life.

  2. says

    According to ryan he was the only person that was going thru a hard time. Reese did too and she had the children to take care of at the same time. Abbyho might have not been the only reason for the breakup but she was the straw that broke the camel’s back along with ryan telling her they should just end it all after he confessed to her he had cheated. Ryans an asshole.

  3. says

    Why does Ryan keep the “poor me” thing going. I read he was wanting out of the marriage to start with. He did admit he cheated. Abby knew he was marriaged and have kids but that didn’t stop her either. My intuition tells me that they won’t make it either.

  4. says

    See what peopel fail to realize is that it is Ryan’s fault!And he continues to go on talk shows to save his reputation(the one he never had)Reese doesn’t for the sake of his kids. And how could he possibly care for those kids more than she does when he was ready to kill himself. That’s pretty damn selfish of him don’t you think? And Abbie could have gotten out of this one okay if she wasn’t dating him now.

    She just looks like a stupid b*Tch. She an oppurtunity for him to take advantage of and if she were any kind of smart then she would het out before it’s to late. Ladies never date a man who would leave his wife high and dry like this because if he did it to his kids he sure as hell would do it to her!She’s young and very very dumb!truth hurts.Not to mention she’s ugly!Sorry but if she was cute i wouldn’t have said it!That’s why his family was so depressed about the divorce. Look at Reese and look at her come on Ryan!

  5. tarzan says

    All rubbish. Sorry but it’s true. Ryan did this.. Reese was this… It should be about the kids and they will want them to get back together so I’d rather support them both and hope they get back together.

    Lets get real. Ryan and Reese will never stop loving each other or their kids and they will always be a family. Do they need to share the same bed to achieve this?

    Funny how people feel they HAVE to side with one party or another… particularly in response to the kind of diarrhetic over opinionated clap here.

  6. ezzmond says

    Ohmigod we’ve all forgotten about the children divorce is all about the kids blah blah blah no it isn’t surely it’s the opposite of all about the kids! It’s all about the self obsessed superstar parents who had kids because they wanted to without paying any attention to the statistics. If they had they’d know that most hollywood marriages will end in self-pitying non-tragedy like this one and everyone is consoled by the fact that there’s huge amounts of cash involved. At least until you fast forward a few years and the parents have spent it all on botox.