Rupaul Without Makeup

It’s easy to forget about gender-bending celebrities like Rupaul simply being a normal man. Well, “normal” might be pushing the envelope a little, but you see him (her?) as a camped-up lady so often, you can’t imagine him being anything else.

When the idea of Rupaul without makeup floated into my consciousness, I didn’t even stop to think that this meant him removing the wig and all the womanly accessories initially. As I said, you just forget.

In this first photo of a considerably stripped-down Rupaul, what we have here is a pretty handsome, dapper guy. The kind of guy who would sell smart menswear in a store – and probably happily take men’s inseam measurements.

The second picture of Rupaul appearing without any slap might be Gene Anthony Ray’s (AKA Leroy from ‘Fame’) long-lost brother. I’m not sure.


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