Robin Williams Says A Bunch of Funnyish Rehab Stuff

Robin Williams Rehab jokes Mel GibsonRobin Williams has been away from the limelight for a few weeks now – we know this since we've watched at least three recent awards show not punctuated by weird, semi-comprehensible Robin Williams gibbering.

At least Robin Williams disappeared for a good enough reason, though; he'd decided to hole himself up in rehab again for fear that he was about to turn into a full-scale alcoholic again. For most people, rehab is a deathly serious place to be; a place to go and be surrounded by those who have ruined their lives with alcohol and substance abuse. Not Robin Williams, though – Robin Williams seems to have spent all his time in rehab thinking up a bunch of rehab jokes, which he told one after another at a recent press junket to promote his new film, to the delight of both people in the world who aren't getting a bit tired of Mel Gibson jokes already.

You've got to hand it to Robin Williams; when it comes to turning up at the Oscars and performing confusing internal conversations about how Minnie Mouse would react to the possibility of Pixar setting itself up as an independent movie studio if she inexplicably became French, there's nobody quite as tiringly prolific as Robin Williams. However, Robin Williams is just as prone to human frailties as those people who don't compulsively need to crack jokes all the time like they're trying to overcompensate for something, and in August Robin Williams admitted himself to rehab.

There was no big public breakdown to kickstart Robin Williams' admission to rehab – no lambasting all the fucking Jews and no pissing himself in an airport – Robin Williams merely took the sensible step of going to rehab after he broke his self-imposed 20-year alcohol ban. And, now he's back out of rehab and dry again, Robin Williams decided to speak about his experiences. Did we say 'speak'? We meant 'garble some fairly poor jokes', as People reports:

"I went to rehab the same day that Mel Gibson was arrested on (Pacific) Coast Highway," Williams said in an interview to promote his new movie, "Man of the Year," out Oct. 13. "I think it allowed me a certain anonymity." Williams added: "God does have a sense of humour that he was stopped by the only Jewish highway patrolman." As for rumours he was in the same rehab program as Gibson, Williams said at the Beverly Hills press junket, "No, we never met, and we were supposedly keeping correspondence. But I have Jewish agents so I haven't gotten any messages." Williams then riffed on what it would have sounded like if he had been called by Gibson the night of Gibson's arrest. Using an Australian accent, Williams, said, "Hi, Robin, I'm on the Coast Highway come pick me up. Don't worry!"

We shouldn't be too hard on Robin Williams here – after all, these furiously mangled impressions and half-jokes are his bread and butter. Too much criticism of them and Robin Williams will have to look somewhere else for an easy source of income, and if stopping ourselves from mentioning that an imagined telephone call between Mel Gibson and Robin Williams isn't even really a proper joke prevents Robin Williams from making Patch Adams 2: Look, Now He's Wearing Funny Big Shoes, then that's what we're happy to do.

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