Robert Pattinson Without Makeup

Robert Pattinson Looking Good

Enough with the pity parties for poor, cuckolded Robert Pattinson. He’ll be fine so let’s drop the KStew nonsense and talk about his body.

At 26 years old, the?Twilight star is painfully good-looking, and I’m willing to wager that his looks will?improve with age.?Ideally, he’ll get a role that he’ll?need to beef?up for,?like Brad Pitt as Achilles. He’ll?take less stylized parts with lots of shirtless scenes (after the bulking up)?and?quit with the sultry looks that make him look?gay. That’s my ideal world.

For a man, in addition to dropping the sulty looks,?a key part of looking less gay is wearing less makeup (it’s somewhat more complicated for women). When filming the Twilight movies, Rob had to wear a lot of makeup to give him the correct pallor and colored contacts to mask his penetrating blue eyes. If you’re heavy into those movies,?it’s?a bit of shock to see how healthy he looks?au naturel.?Robert Pattinson without makeup is ridiculously hot.

Robert Pattinson Without Makeup

If you can erase the hair with your mind’s eye and focus on his face, he’s crazy gorgeous in the first photo without makeup. His jawline is perfect, his complexion is rosy and clear, and he has a very sexy?mischievious air about him. The bouffant emphasizes a slightly skinny neck, but, if he follows my advice, he’ll be bulking up soon, so it’s okay.

Admittedly, in the next photo, taken in February 2009?at a Japanese airport, he looks like a bit of douche. “Soak it up, ladies, here I am.”?The hat works well for him, in my opinion, masking his distracting floppy hair, and he’s just overall extremely handsome. All he needs to do it learn?to control his obnoxious facial expressions and he’ll be golden.

Robert Pattinson Without Makeup


  1. Michelle says

    He’s cute and a seemingly kind person.He should dump K Stew for good and find a nice ladylike girl.

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