Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Had Awkward Vampire Sex

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in BedStar-crossed, twenty-something beauties, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, recently returned from separate promotional tours for their upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn – Part?2. During their press tours, they both revealed?bits of information that are guaranteed to make hardcore?Twi-hards even harder.

On an Australian talk show, Rob?freely discussed?his awkward?love scene with Kristen in the new movie. According to Rob, they were challenged to recreate?”the greatest vampire sex you’ve ever had,” but their?faces of ecstasy elicited more laughter from the?camera crew than memories to file for future wankings.

I don’t know about you, but I have?never personally had vampire sex … great or otherwise … and it sounds disappointingly less S&M-y than I might have imagined it.?Despite their ubiquity in popular culture, vampires do not interest me … and as blasphemous as it is, I’ve never seen the Twilight movies or read the books, or seen or read the endless selection of other vampire movies, TV shows, and books that saturate the entire fucking world these days. The dangerous, sex-charged mystique eludes me entirely and it all seems like silly, campy crap. The Lost Boys was more than enough, thank you.

Meanwhile, at a fan event in?Tokyo, Kristen ruffled a few feathers when she expressed sympathy with the turmoil that her Twilight character, Bella, experiences as she’s forced to choose between two men (actually not between a vampire and a werewolf). It’s unclear whether she intended the obvious connection between the movie threesome and her real-life infidelity. Regardless, in this case she actually fucked herself, because she makes it sound as if her liason with Rupert was more than a one-timer, or at least meant more.

At any rate, despite reports that the couple is struggling with trust issues … and of course they are, she screwed another man … they are apparently still having fun together. A few days ago, they attended a Prince show at the Sayer’s Club in Hollywood and, according to onlookers, they were affectionate and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Hopefully these two will successfully navigate the post-cheating waters?and make a safe return to hipster bliss … at least long enough to?storm the red carpet for their movie’s?November 12th premiere. A month or two after that, no one will care anymore.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hiding from Photogs




  2. Lux says

    uhhh not even looking foward to this movie anymore! Robert Pattinson disgust me after he took back someone who cheated on him with a married man. After everything he had said about cheating and marriage. Kristen is just pathetic and trashy all around but him taking her back makes i worse. He is such a weakling and im not going to watch this to support some disgusting people

  3. deneb says

    I’m not sure that your nonattendance or your opinion of Rob will keep him up at night. It might Nick, but I have my doubts about Rob. People grow up, things happen and he had to decide what was more important Kristen or how he was perceived by people like you. So he changed his mind. So what? As for your opinion of Kristen: the only pathetic thing about that girl is her use to be fans turned haters. It took courage for him to stand up beside her when so many were
    so cruel to her in the press. So you stay away from their movies if you want. There are enough of us true fans that you will not be missed.