Rita Ora Without Makeup

Rita Ora Looking Good

Jay-Z prot?g?, Rita Ora, is known for her?incredible beauty as well as her music. Frequently compared with Rihanna due to her killing voice,?edgy style, and sassiness, the British sensation’s debut album hit the number one spot in the UK earlier this year with three hit singles.

The 21-year old singer cites Gwen Stefani as her fashion muse, and she regularly?mimics Stefani’s funked-up Marilyn Monroe vibe almost exactly, with the platinum hair, dark eyebrows, and red lips. She?is incredibly gorgeous when she’s ready to go, but Rita Ora without makeup doesn’t look great.

Rita Ora Without Makeup

The hair is what throws off the first photo of Ora without makeup. Blonde hair is her thing and normally that’s fine, but without makeup it doesn’t work with her coloring. On its own, her face looks gorgeous. She has incredible cheekbones and her complexion is beautiful.?Her strong eyebrows do work well with the shape of her face and her coloring, but?without makeup and with that hair, they look very caterpillary.

Getting primped-up in the?next photo, she looks borderline glamorous in the soft, flattering lighting. Even without makeup, her face looks amazing. Again, her eyebrows look very heavy against the pale hair?and bare face, but it’s OK because you know where she’s going with it. She’s an incredibly?beautiful young woman.

Rita Ora Without Makeup


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