RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

philip-seymour-hoffmanOn Sunday, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Academy Award winner and father of three, was found dead in his apartment.? Information has been coming out that it is most likely due to a heroin overdose.?

Drugs are quite possibly one of the scariest things on this planet.? They take the most wonderful people and just ruin them.? Unfortunately, this is one of those struggles where even money cannot help someone win this battle.

Philip Seymour Hoffman had been in a ton of films and stage productions.? He began acting in 1991, and managed to have both a successful and long career.? He played characters that ranged from funny, to sad, to despicable, and everything in between.? If you haven’t seen Capote, I highly suggest you do (I am going to assume you have all seen Boogie Nights because of, well, Mark Walhberg’s third leg.? Enough said.).? He also managed to become famous without becoming an asshole, a feat that shouldn’t be so rare but seemingly is.

Hoffman had been candid about his struggles with addiction, and has said that he tried and did every drug?after college.? At 22 years old, he got sober and was able to successfully stay recovered for over 20 years, which is really impressive when you think about how rampant drugs are in Hollywood.? Sadly, last year he relapsed.? He checked into a rehab for 10 days to get help with his issues with both prescription drugs and heroin.

Unfortunately, it seems the rehab did not prove to be successful.? Hoffman had been seen in recent months drinking, and displaying behaviors very typical of a drug addict.? On Sunday, February 2, he was found dead in his apartment by a friend.? Hoffman was pants-less, with an I.V sticking out of his arm, and surrounded by a ton of empty heroin envelopes.? Only 46 years old, he left behind three very young children.

Normally, I write snark.? I judge and I mock because celebrities tend to be idiots who deserve it.? They spend more time duck facing the cameras and dropping their underwear for anyone interested than they do actually doing anything productive or good.? But this is one of those times there really isn’t a place for snark.? People unfortunately think they are invincible, some even more so because they are famous or have wealth.? I don’t think Hoffman intended to become an addict, to have his life ruled by drugs, and to eventually die way too soon from an overdose.? I don’t think anyone really wants that for themselves, but it happens so damn often.

Of course, some celebrities just cannot let a moment pass to say something completely idiotic and inappropriate, even if the moment is the death of a fellow actor.? This time, it was kind of shocking how bottom barrellers were the ones to be the stupidest.?? First off, it was the whiny dude from Gilmore Girls who is still on that show Supernatural that I refuse to watch because it sucks.

Jared Padalecki TweetOf course, the Twitterverse immediately say “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” so Padalecki deleted the Tweet and started giving half apologies.

The other shocking comment came from Mr. Reading Rainbow himself. LeVar Burton.

Because I associate the dude with the Kiss headband over his eyeballs with comedy.?? He too then spit out half apologies, because that’s what people do when they fuck up.

Philip Seymour Hoffman isn’t the first actor to die from a completely preventable addiction to drugs, nor will be the last.?? And sadly, when you have access to more money hidden?in your sock drawer than most earn in an entire year, you are even more susceptible to it because you can afford it.???And right or not, there is something more tragic about a guy like Hoffman in this situation than a train wreck like Lindsay Lohan who seems to enjoy being a hot mess.

And for those you who care more about Katniss than a dude’s life, the people behind the next Hunger Games movies have said that Hoffman’s death will not affect the franchise.? So you can rest easy, douchebags.