Rihanna Without Makeup

rihanna picture

Singer extraordinaire and owner of some of the world?s least flattering tattoos, Rihanna, exudes in-your-face confidence in everything she does.

There is no shortage of photos of Rihanna without makeup, the majority of them shared by her herself. In the first photo, the 24-year old beauty is shown while on vacation in the Mediterranean in July 2012. She shared this photo of herself, clean-faced with long braided ponytails, via Twitter.

Rihanna Without Makeup

The fact that she?s comfortable enough with herself to share these photos is either evidence of extreme self-assurance, extreme vanity, or extreme need for a more involved handler. Combined with her penchant for hideous tattoos, I would argue for the latter.

The second photo is actually a still image taken from a video that Rihanna herself shared with the world. Despite my aversion to her extroverted ego-mania, she is undeniably lovely. She has a few more years before the world will shrink in horror from her un-painted face, and there is no doubt that she will exploit each and every one of them.

Rihanna Without Makeup


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