Rihanna is the Picture of Class in Paris

ririchichiIf you’ve recently been thinking to yourself “You know, I’d really like to see Rihanna’s full breasts, nipples and all. And I’d like it to be a recent pic”, than you’re in luck, because Rihanna took classy to another level by going all tits out this Friday during Paris Fashion Week.

Just Google “Rihanna Paris Fishnet” and make sure your safe settings are off and you’ll get an eyeful of Ri Ri’s perky chi chi’s. I didn’t think that anyone could possibly skank up anything as demur as a mesh top, but Rihanna went ahead and did it. For shame, Rihanna, for shame.

I’d act surprised by any of this if it weren’t for the fact that Rihanna has taken the phrase “If you got it, flaunt it” extremely seriously for years now. Do I think she could’ve chosen a classier way to flash her nips than a mesh top? Yes. Yes, I do. Because there are definitely classy ways to flash nips without looking like a high as fuck club kid from 1992. If you want to show your nipples to the world and you’re worried you won’t look classy doing it, just think to yourself “How would Beyonc? show her nipples to the world?” and then go from there.

However, Rihanna did not pull a WWBD in Paris, and instead ended up looking kind of trashy, thought I will always give credit where credit is due and say damn, Rihanna has some perfect boobs.

rihannaI won’t give her too much grief about this because, I mean, she’s in France, and showing your nipples in Europe is like showing your ears, it just isn’t a big deal. And frankly, if I looked like Rihanna and had Rihanna’s body, maybe I’d be showing it off all the time, too. Might as well show everyone what you got while your young and everything is in its right place, I guess.