Rihanna Gets Naked for GQ Cover But Nobody is Shocked

rihannaIf Rihanna didn’t have such an incredible voice,?her constant nakedness would get tedious. On the cover of GQ’s December issue, she shows us what we’ve seen time and time again … posing with nothing but?a tiny little jacket to cover her birthday suit. She’s gorgeous and young, and she should by all means be proud of what’s she’s got, but how about a little mystery? It’s enough already.

In the magazine, Rihanna promotes her new album “Unapologetic,” which is scheduled for release in just a few days, and surprise! poses for several more revealing photos. While the singing superstar did not directly discuss her controversial relationship with Chris Brown in the GQ article, she does talk in general terms. Because of her apparent aversion to wearing pants, she seems to like a man who does.

“I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, like I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead.”

rihanna naked gq magazine cover

Also in the article, Rihanna suggests that she was not necessarily the cause of the beef between Chris and?Drake over the summer that devolved into a bottle-hurling melee. Supposedly, what happened is that, in a friendly move,?Chris sent a bottle of champagne to Drake,?and then?Drake, in a less friendly but pretty funny counter-move,?sent the bottle back with a note that said “I’m f–king the love of your life.” Though?typically even-keeled, Chris took offense to that and so decided to slice?out Tony Parker’s eye.

When asked about the incident, Rihanna told GQ ?There?s no proof of that being for my love.? While her response doesn’t actually make sense, we understand what’s she’s saying. Everyone knows that the fight was over her … but she’s right, it wouldn’t hold up in court.

Whether or not Rihanna and Chris are back together, they both seem to encourage, if not enjoy, the publicity their possible romance brings. In the recently released video for the song “Diamonds,” the first single from Rihanna’s new album, there are repeated shots of Rihanna’s hand slipping dramatically away from a heavily tattooed arm, which may or may not be Chris’. The video doesn’t seem to be a commentary on their relationship … at least not a coherent one … but even if that’s not his arm, it’s definitely meant to represent him.

In case you forgot the reason that?Rihanna and?Chris’?relationship is controversial, back in early 2009 when they were a couple Chris beat Rihanna black and blue and bloody. He’s still on probation for the violent attack. Rihanna has forgiven him though, which makes her extremely Christian or?extremely stupid. My guess is the latter.

rihanna gq magazine photo