Rihanna and Drake Need to Make Up Their Damn Minds

rihrihanddrizzyI feel like I’m stuck in a Backstreet Boys song because Rihanna and Drake won’t Quit Playing Games with my Heart. Last time I wrote about these two, I was all like “yes! finally! make this shit happen and just be a couple!” But then, of course, they decided to cool off and haven’t seen together in months. Until Friday night!

The above pictures were taken of Rih Rih and Drizzy on Friday night while they were leaving Hooray Henry’s, on Beverly Boulevard. The two left only?seconds apart from each other, but were spotted stepping into the same taxi.?In my mind, this can only mean one thing: Drake and Rihanna are doing it again! (Well do YOU have a better theory?!)

They were spending a lot of time together back in November, and that really got my hopes up. But by December things had seemingly fizzled out. However, even back then even Rihanna’s friends thought her being with Drake was a good thing. In November, a source told Heat magazine:

Rihanna’s friends are really pleased. They think Drake is a positive influence on her, encouraging her to cut back on pot smoking and constant partying.

Things didn’t pan out back in November, but, here we are again. Another “source” a.k.a. me on a pay phone, theorized this about the couple:

They?re doing what they do on the low, and they like to keep it that way. They fill each other?s needs when they can, and that?s how they?re choosing to roll. When Drake?s interested in a woman and ready be totally committed, he?s going to want at least six months off the bat just being alone with her so they can lay down some foundation. Right now, they both don?t have that time.

You know, I get that and I respect that, but this shit has been going on for YEARS. You obviously keep going back to each other for a reason. Though I’m sure RiRi just appreciates some good dick and a guy that doesn’t hit her, I believe that Drake is very sensitive and deeply cares for Rihanna. I have gathered all of this information from MEMES I’ve seen. I trust MEMES a lot.

The?couple allegedly?hung out with one another at the nightclub right up until closing, where onlookers reported to?E! Online?that the rapper and singer “were happy together” and looked “very cute.”

All I know is that Rihanna and Drake can’t keep playing me like this. I care more than any grown woman should. It’s time they brought back their beautiful romance…and it’s also time for Drake to start wearing these Carlton Banks style sweater again: