Rihanna and Drake Continue to Play Games with my Heart

niggazinparisThis madness needs to end; my celebrity obsessive little heart can’t take it anymore. ARE THEY, OR AREN’T THEY?! Well, that’s the question that Rihanna and Drake keep forcing on their fans (but mostly me). Rihanna and Drake continued to confuse me this past week in Paris, where they were seen out canoodling together only to be followed by performing together at Drake’s concert.

Now, lot’s of performers bring out other performers to do duets with them in concert, but by the way these two were looking at each other and grinding on each other, can I please just go ahead and confirm that the Drake and Rihanna love is on and that every love song he’s rapped in the past few years have been about her? Ok, thanks #dreamsdocometrue

Are you seeing this? Unlike Ashley Kerwin, Rihanna is totally supportive of Jimmy Brooks’ rapping career and will gladly sing along side him (Little Degrassi reference for you there), and she’ll gladly grind all up on him like she’s Manny Santos circa season 3 (ok, I’ll stop with the Dergassi references). Look at these two, there is no way they are “just friends”:

justfriends?yehrightThe last time I saw that kind of love and affection on stage was when a couple named JAY-Z AND BEYONCE, performed “Drunk in Love” at the Grammys. I don’t know who you guys think you’re fooling, but it’s not me! No one pulls the “I swear we aren’t fucking” wool over Krysta Fitzpatrick’s eyes!

Speaking of Beyonc?, can we all just agree that his entire part in her song, “Mine”, is about Rihanna? (This is legit what I obsess over all day). Maybe it’s because I’m hopped up on flu meds because I have walking pneumonia, but all this Rihanna and Drake back and forth is really starting to make me emotional. Sure, Drake seems a little tame for Rihanna, but maybe he’s actually really wild in bed? Give him the chance to be your man, girl!

Anyway, during the Tuesday night concert, Rihanna performed her song “Pour It Up” and her?2012 hit duet with Drake, “Take Care”.?It was particularly momentous as it’s the first time the two have performed “Take Care” together live. Drake, Rihanna, and their respective crews all left together after the show (mmhmmm). This wasn’t their first night together in Paris, though, the night before they?partied at Soixante Dix Neuf nightclub, which raised some eyebrows.

Is it a coincidence that Rihanna met up with Drake in the city of love mere weeks after he gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine referring to her as his “ultimate fantasy”? Drake said:

She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.’ We have fun together, she’s cool and shit. But we’re just friends. That’s my dog for life.

Just friends. Ok, guys, whatever you say.