The Most Ridiculous Christopher Walken Roles of All Time

Christopher Walken plays a cat in puss in bootsChristopher Walken proved his acting chops early on, especially with his role in The Deer Hunter. But since then, he’s made some questionable choices. And while those choices may not make great use of his acting abilities, the roles are still pretty entertaining.

From a Fatboy Slim video to playing a legendary cat, here are the most ridiculous Christopher Walken roles of all time.

Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’

There’s not much that could possess me to listen to a Fatboy Slim song, but the promise of Christopher Walken dancing will do it.

Directed by Spike Jonze, the video features Walken dancing through what appears to be a hotel lobby. It’s pretty glorious. At one point he dances backwards up an escalator.

America’s Sweethearts

Christopher Walken in America's Sweethearts

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, but it’s a rom-com with Julia Roberts, so you can write your own review. One quality that makes this movie worth watching, however, is Christopher Walken’s role as Hal Weidman, a psychotic documentary filmmaker. At the end of the movie, Hal has made a secret documentary revealing all of the characters in their true light. He laughs maniacally. That moment alone makes watching a blossoming romance between Julia Roberts and John Cusack worthwhile. I couldn’t find a clip, but this person will vouch for me:

Puss in Boots

In 1998, Christopher Walken starred in a live action version of Puss in Boots. He played Puss. ‘Nuff said. Except that I want this song playing at my funeral:

Country Bears

In this children’s film, Christopher Walken plays an evil banker who wants to destroy Country Bear Hall. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary there; it’s a kid’s movie after all, but the real ridiculousness comes in when Walken interacts with the bad CGI bears. Check it out. And watch it the whole way through, because there’s Christopher Walken armpit farting toward the end.


Christopher Walken starred in this dark comedy alongside Ben Stiller and Jack Black. He plays J-Man, a seemingly homeless eccentric who becomes the voice of reason for Ben Stiller:


In this Adam Sandler crapfest, Christopher Walken plays something of an evil scientist, making the whole thing slightly watchable:

Good or bad, the above Christopher Walken roles are definitely ridiculous. This list certainly only scratches the surface of Walken’s most ridiculous roles of all time?in 2003, Walken was nominated for two Razzies for his roles in Gigli and Kangaroo Jack. So, you know, there’s definitely more where this came from. What are your favorite absurd Christopher Walken roles?