Rick Ross Probably Staged a Drive-By Shooting to Look Cool

Rick-RossBadass rapper and Maybach Music mastermind, Rick Ross, was the victim of an attempted drive-by shooting in the wee hours of?Monday?morning, after having?recently been the object of gang-related death?threats for a variety of ridiculous, hot-headed reasons.

The past weekend was definitely a memorable one for the Ricker. He?celebrated his 37th birthday with back-to-back parties in Atlanta and Miami, with guests including Diddy, Christina Milian, DJ Khaled, and French Montana.

After Sunday’s Miami bash,?Rick and his girlfriend were apparently?on their way back to Rick’s Fort Lauderdale-area home?when shots were fired at them from another car. To avoid the shots, Rick swerved his sweet silver Rolls Royce, smashing it into an apartment building. No one was seriously hurt.

At this point, no one has directly claimed responsibility for the botched job, but late last year, Rick’s life was explicitly threatened by members of a Chicago-based gang called Gangsta Disciples. They were bothered that Rick used the name of one of their founders, Larry Hoover,?in the lyrics to?his 2010 hit “BMF” and that?he used the?Star of David on his “Black Bar Mitzvah” album.

I can’t really speak to the former claim, though it seems pretty frail, but the latter is beyond absurd.?The Star of David is a pretty basic religious symbol. Go ahead and?use it as a gang sign … though it seems pretty fucking ignorant and tacky … but I suspect the Jews have a somewhat more legitimate claim to it than the Gangsta Disciples.


Rick did cancel a string of shows in December, though in a recent radio interview he denied it was because he was intimidated by the threats and maintained that?the shows were cancelled because of issues with the concert promoter.

“The promoter wasn’t really handling his business … I felt like there was some power that I needed to take away from homie … Never was it due to any threats. … Don’t ever get it twisted, Ricky Rozay is the boss.”

While it’s unfortunate that?Ricky’s birthday weekend?finished in such an unpleasant way, it appears that it was going pretty well until then. Maybach Music posted a video on YouTube chronicling Rick’s?two?parties, first at Compound in Atlanta on Saturday and then at Club LIV in Miami on Sunday.?

Rick himself tweeted from the party that he had “3 blunts lit a once” and it’s pretty likely … if he practices what he preaches … that he was “gettin’ pussy like a fucking boss.”

And what does 50 cent think of the whole “shooting”?