Reese Witherspoon Without Makeup

Reese Witherspoon is a wildly popular, American film actress who built her career on constant work and a wholesome image. It helps that she was born with angelic good looks to match her supposedly spotless image.

Thanks to a recent arrest for a DUI, we now know that Reese isn’t as pure and sensible as she would like us to believe. So, could it be that those angelic good looks aren’t as…angelic? What exactly does Reese Witherspoon look like without makeup on?

Reese Witherspoon no makeup

When you see a woman without her makeup on, you expect that she is going to look like a much paler, less impressive version of herself. However, you don’t expect that she is going to look like the Tired Grandma version of herself. Without her makeup team and airbrushing, all of Reese’s features shrink to about half of their size.

Her cheekbones, her nose, her eyebrows: all gone! She’s sucking in her lip here, which not only makes it look like she’s missing both lips, but also her top row of teeth, further enhancing the granny look.

reesewitherspoon without makeup

Someone who doesn’t have eyebrows, probably shouldn’t wear a headband; it’s only going to call further attention to what’s missing. Also, maybe people just shouldn’t wear headbands. What is most upsetting about this photo however, is not the featured headpiece, but Reese’s sallow skin tone and her perpetual granny mouth.

Even if you’re going to the gym, just slap on some tinted moisturizer, it will give you a nice glow! This photo also caught her in a tense mouth pose which makes it look as if she is once again missing her top row of teeth.

With photos like these out there, I don’t know if she’ll be able to win back her halo anytime soon.


  1. Ray says

    Reese can be wearing full make up or none at all, and she is still breathtakingly beautiful!!!

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