Piers Morgan Got Dannii Minogue Pregnant

Cushion faced TV and media mollusc, Piers Morgan, is bafflingly successful. He’s a man of no discernible talent who, oddly, is asked for his opinion on popular culture despite the fact he looks like he’s dressed by the same tailor who throws clothes at Jeremy Clarkson.

As well as claiming to be good at stuff, he’s now claiming that it was in fact he who got Dannii Minogue pregnant. Imagine that? Imagine Piers Morgan hunkering down on Dannii Minogue. Think of each grotesque little squirting detail. Go on.

Anyway, I’m not sure having a fiddle over her ill-advised nudey calendar that she released in the late ’90s counts, eh Piers? Oh… hang on…?

Of course, this is all one big wheeze from the suet faced TV chump!

As well you know (don’t pretend you don’t) the lesser-Minogue and her partner Kris Smith recently celebrated the birth of their first child Ethan.

Minogue made an appearance on Morgan’s Life Stories series last year, and now boiled cabbage Morgan says that the dates all add up.

“I effectively made Dannii Minogue pregnant because you may recall I interviewed her for my Life Stories show and asked her, ‘Do you think you may want to have children soon?’ and when it was announced she was pregnant and three months pregnant, I got my diary out and realised it was three months to the day since my interview!”


Now pay child support you needlessly wealthy twerp.

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  1. The Reality Of The Situation says

    This queer couldn’t get Elton John pregnant, or Queen Charles.