Perez Hilton Needs To Get Off Lady Gaga’s Dick

former bffs perez hilton and lady gagaI, like many other twenty-somethings (and teenagers… and tweens… and 7-year-olds probably) with too much time on their hands, often find myself perusing Perez Hilton’s site. It’s usually for the headlines, so I can then find a more palatable version of the news elsewhere, mainly because for some reason whenever I read Hilton’s writing, my inner monologue transitions into Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.

However, I do read what he posts about Lady Gaga, as I like to justify reading everyone’s “Leave Gaga alone!” comments. It’s nice to see that they’re annoyed with how much time and energy he spends hating on her (guess he’s reverting back to his evil ways) and I’m kind of hoping it will be his undoing.

In all fairness it was maybe not the best idea for Gaga to publicly tweet at Hilton to leave her alone and announce to the world that he was trying to rent a place near her in an effort to more effectively stalk her, buuuut, she deleted the update, and after he posted his “A Statement on Lady Gaga’s Lies” he could’ve just let sleeping dogs lie and shut the fuck up about it, instead of throwing shade at every opportunity.

But nope! He continues to be a little bitch, pulling such moves as posting Gaga’s naked Vogue pics and tweeting:

“.@LadyGaGa really loves getting fully naked! And it looks like she doesn’t have any hair on her vagina HERE.”

Sick burn, bro! It’s almost as good as when Mike Dexter called Amanda Beckett “Aman-DUH”. Remember that? He really got her. Seriously, though, what a weird and literal insult. Perez also recently made a point to announce that Gaga’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” brought in the lowest ratings of the week, and it’s just like, why, you sad, sad man?

I think my favorite thing about all this is, though Hilton probably wasn’t actually stalking Gaga before, he is now, just to get back at her for accusing him of stalking her in the first place, leaving her with just one question:

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  1. haha says

    and no body has commented because nobody cares.
    Lady Gaga is an idiot. An egotistic idiot.
    Perez is an idiot for even supporting her from the start.

  2. malloway says

    Lol the name of this article is “Perez Hilton needs to get off Lady Gagas dick” and the author thinks Perez is the only pathetic one who is paying this thing too much attention? By the way get rid of the stupid using the arrow keys to load the next or previous story, or at least fix it because you can’t use the arrow keys to move the cursor in comments, it loads the pages instead. Very annoying.

  3. Joanne says

    @haha if nobody cared she wouldn’t be making the news in the first place, 5 years later and the “flop” as you probably like to call her is still making headlines

  4. Rayne says

    He’s jealous cause he was born with a penis and wants to BE Lady Gaga so next best thing stalk her and pretend to hate her. Either that or this is another cheap way to get publicity for both of them.

  5. Patttie says

    i love GaGa ‘ she’s honest, she’s a god person, she’s very loyal to her fans, she goes out of her way to to do what she does, she’s POP and she’s has a huge fan base and she works very hard. if you don’t like her music or her or both that’s cool with her but the fact is she does make headlines , i love her myself and i’m 53 ” and yes P. H get off her back…

  6. DancesWithDragons says

    I respect Lady Gaga as an ‘artist’ not just a pop star. I enjoy much of her music and especially her stage performances. Yes she can be over the top and go so far out there that most of society just doesn’t comprehend the message that is being put across as it is with most true artists whether they be painters, photographers, film makers, sculpters, etc. etc.Perez really does need to get off her dick though. She through your ass to the curb for some reason and you really need to just let it go. If you were ever truly her friend at some point you would not behave in such a childish way. Personally he has always disgusted me by the way he pretends to be good friends with celebs and then when they go through rough times he stabbs them in the back and talks shit about them for attention. A true friend would not do that unless you are middle/high school aged.